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Mykk / Mykk Freeman 2mo+8dy ago
Welcome new one... Rock on

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Mykk / Mykk Freeman 4mo+5dy ago
Some of my stuff from a few years back.

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dasoft / didier alayrac 1 year ago
Second album from the group Kino "radio voltaire". The first album "Pictures" was a great one.

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dasoft / didier alayrac 1yr+1mo ago
Another Help wanted for this song (progrock). Go to collaborations to get more info if you're interested. Thank you

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dasoft / didier alayrac 1yr+1mo ago
Hello prog lovers, In memory is a little song about passing days and absent friends. It need vocals and lyrics. So, Peter G. if your free we can collaborate perhaps...

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 1yr+3mo ago
Alright, first mission - let's show the "Front Porch Collective" group we're #1 by adding Chapman Stick solos to all of their songs! XD

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Created November 8, 2017 by MikeJM

Do you roll your eyes when someone calls a 6-to-8 minute track a "long" song?


How about when people can't imagine a great metal track breaking into some polka spontaneously and then going back?


Well, there's a good chance you belong in this group. :D


This group is for Prog Rock/Metal artists, Prog Rock/Metal Fans, and/or anyone who just wants to explore the genre


And no, don't worry, no entrance tests lolol - everyone's invited!


Here we can showcase our talents, talk about the latest prog music outside Kompoz, look for like-minded musicians to team up with - again, just like everyone's invited, everything is welcome that has the word 'prog' in it! 


I (@MikeJM) will continue to update and be active in this group, so if you have any feedback or ideas please contact me! 


Now somebody cue the 12-minute long Guitar and Keyboard trading solos section!

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