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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 7mo+12dy ago
Who said that PROG is dead? (Part II) While I am still super excited to see the PROG gods Dream Theater LIVE (only 8 days now!) I thought I'd take a break from obsessively listening to them and continue with my postings of what's new in prog during the last few years. This one caught me by surprise. I've always been kind of a "peripheral" fan of Opeth, meaning that I tremendously respect them as one of the best of modern prog, but never really had either the time or the drive to go through their full discography and really get into them. But I tell you, I might have to go on that elusive marathon now! Their fairly recent single, "Heart in Hand," has definitely captured my interest. What does everyone else think? PROG still going strong in 2019!


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rhythmicdevil   commented 7mo+12dy ago

I am a huge fan of Opeth. I cant wait to hear you start talking about them.


xd238   commented 7mo+12dy ago

The new Opeth record is far more deserving of attention than the new Tool record

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rhythmicdevil   commented 7mo+11dy ago