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PositiveFuturist / Maia KK 2yr+4mo ago
An absolutely GORGEOUS tribute to a stellar Kompozian has been shared as a community post. It totally belongs here too, so here's a link to the original post with the song and all the comments. Congrats to Christine for uber-awesomeness! https://www.kompoz.com/music/community/a/827253#comment975513

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EdsonCastro / Edson Castro 2yr+7mo ago
I had a letter and a thought only, so I did a search for Kompoz and found the song I had imagined for the lyrics. Bone Saw was kind enough to accept the lyrics for his song. Perfect psychedelic for one of the greatest interpretations I've ever seen, it has all the drama and the author of this show is our friend Mark Alan Dooley.

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EdsonCastro / Edson Castro 2yr+7mo ago
This is one of my first appearances on Kompoz, beautiful song by Matt and a spectacular interpretation of Mark Alan.

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dwfreak / Chris Bouchard 2yr+7mo ago
Howdy Kfriends, you are all great musicians and wish I could have more spare time to challenge you all but time flies and so do I. Had the chance to share with great souls and wouldn't want to make a statement on and forget great friends but they know who they are so excuse me for not mentioning them... MrJinx68 you are one of a kind, you could probably be on Broadway brother if you are not yet, you are a killer bro. Mr Nicolas you are a legend on this plateform and you gave me the opportunity to work with you and accepted me, awesome. Joey you thought me the road to Ktown and I thank you for that. Also my 2 fundamental friends as a drummer in my short life in Ktown these cats are so freaking kind and cool, none other than me hermanos Jean et Jon, you know who you are... straight in my heart brothers. Also bunch of good friends that accepted my drumming files and told me that was good. I always play drums with my soul but my soul needs to talk to the sound engineer to make it sound good... Love and cheers to this community. Happy Holidays. P.S. Hollie love ya XXOO

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Buttercup / Christine Linge 2yr+7mo ago
I would like to give kudos to everyone on here because I know that everyone on this site has a passion for making music, but if I should give a huge KUDO's to someone extra special for me, it has to be for Raul (FIGSOUNDS)! I love him so much for his kindness to me & so many others! I feel he has made my Kompoz experience extra special! This duet written by Tracy Hutchison with RG on bass & Pascal on piano & Raul on drums plus his very yummy voice was the highlight of the year for me!

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jamtrack / Kjell Karlsson 2yr+7mo ago
Have been a member for 10 years have met many nice and talented musicians from all over the world. Above all, I have learned a lot about how to structure the music learned a lot about chord progression. Composing music has been a big social thing for me, since I am severely visually impaired and now also severely hearing impaired. So do you like making music and having some kind of disability, kompoz works as well. --------------------------------------- The Day That I Found You Lyrics, Melody, Vocal by KarlKnutson Karl Knutson Naperville IL USA Composer: All music, Arranger, MidiSeq by jamtrack Kjell Karlsson Sweden

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liljoe6string / Joey six 2yr+7mo ago
Well i could fill up a page.. kompoz has made me a better player jst working on some seriously wonderful playas tracks.. thank you all v much! A qik shout out to a few... RG.. brotha diamond JeanBass killr aritist and humanitarian... DOC! Figgy! D(rayrat my mentor) Mr Nicy!! Wow.. mega talent... Butters, RD and ScottyV,, (Ian from K1) JGray DWFreak, (band mates jinxy Big ED spyder(monster).. RG & RB wow keys godz... MDK brill wrk always.. JK my battle buddy MMiller ... the 1 the only Mustang93,,, Master KN and countless other.. xx0x0x0x

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Scottyv / Scott Villnuve 2yr+7mo ago
So easy for me, thank you RAF for setting up this amazing website...thank you George Sc, Buttercup, James, Rich Canadian, Burnt will, Nicola, Gemini< Raul, Jean, Doc, Liljoe6. Paul, Susan, Kim, and so.......many more kompozers for validating my quest to be a real songwriter! I love this place!! Scotty

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offthewall / James Fraser 2yr+7mo ago
Before I go off for the night. Here is another of my very first collabs. Again, Sattler lyrics but here I present my MAIN MAN ... Nigel GEMINI. He has been a mainstay for me from the start providing sympathetic drums in exactly the way I ask as well as keys, vocals and most essential .... friendly and helpful advice on everything from musical style to mixing methods. GEMINI .... ( and not forgetting his SINISTER brother).

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offthewall / James Fraser 2yr+7mo ago
Any list, for me, must start with my very first collab here in K-town. Master lyricist Joel Sattler is THE man. My style of working, here, has been to build songs around supplied lyrics. I honestly can't count how many have come from Joel. He has (and still will) kept me busy for most of my spare time. The other contributor here, which may come as a surprise to many, is Raul Figsounds. Usually known as a classic drummer Raul surprised me by adding a tasteful organ to give me that dylan-esque sound I was looking for at the time. He also truly boosted my confidence just when I needed it. He has joined me on other occasions since then and, for all his mega-talent, has always been a true gentleman in his attitude. Praise to both these superstars (and forgive the standard of the song from way back then).

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Created November 27, 2017 by PositiveFuturist

Upshot: Add your voice to the K-Town LoveFest! Beyond simply a place to showcase songs, this is a place to 'shout from the rooftops' all things awesome about the many, many gems in this Kompie musik kommunity! Let's get this gratitude party pumping, and stack this K-Town Hall of Fame!

Embellished: Putting the spotlight on and celebrating the collaborators who have enriched our online music creating experience, all in one handy place! You're invited to pile loads of gratitude and uber-raves onto any Kompozian that you've enjoyed collaborating with and share briefly why. Yes, this can happen in the general community forum, however, they are too quickly lost in the everythingness of general posting and the bonus is that it becomes a wonderful resource in one handy place for those who are exploring possible collaborators.

While the Kompie kudos can certainly include musical talent, this is more about appreciating and celebrating those who are great to deal with (and does not exclude kudos for those helpful, awesome peeps we haven't collaborated with on a project.)

When there's more than one, you're welcome to list them all in one post or single them out one at a time over time (e.g. One of many I will get to, in this post I'm heaping kudos on......). BTW, please remember to include Kompoz usernames. And if there's anyone new to your ears that blows you sideways, endorsing them is always a lovely way to add to the LoveFest!

This is a feel-good place where we can take note of the excellent lyrical advice, 'You've got to accentuate the positive' and celebrate it!

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