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KikoJeot / Federico Gregorini 31 days ago
Hello everybody. I'd like to add a horn section to that in this piece. Can someone help me? Thanks so much! Federico


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Redfish   commented 31 days ago

Hi Federico .... yes ..... I can have a listing en and see what comes up .... also I would reccomend contacting MrsBeats for sax .... we recently did some good stuff together as a horn section

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KikoJeot   commented 31 days ago

Hi Tony, thank you! I sent a collaboration invitation to Mrs. Beats for sax as you suggested so you can also coordinate I guess. Thank you for your suggestion. Federico

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Redfish   commented 30 days ago

Federico ... i see a lot of seps in the project not yet accepted or included. Could you post a latest mix where you think the project is going so that the horns can 'fit in'. Otherwise we will just go for it! either way is good by us

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KikoJeot   commented 30 days ago

Hi Tony, you're right, I'm sorry but I still don't understand how to assemble the piece :) The fact is that the guitars are being made by Treid who sent me a mix with only some parts he played and I'm waiting for him to send me the full version with sep. The drum I accepted is the one that SotStone made. He also sent me a mix and he will send me the sep. So, at the moment, I have two accepted mix tracks one with guitar (incomplete) and one with drums. Maybe you can refer to the SotStone version for now.