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VocalRun / Vocal Run 7mo+21dy ago
So...the Eleven Rack... Forget the software... This is a third party software question...say Mixcraft and Studio One 3... Let's start in Studio One 3: Recording one wet one dry track Each time I change one's input, the other changes, too. It's never separated. Either it's guitar in for dry or it's eleven for wet. How to separate while recording? If not possible, Do I take the dry track and put it in for a re-amp and well the Eleven Rack effects software does not work on my rig i.e. it just never will open for me. I really worked on the downloads and such so as you can see, I'm working off the rack settings only. Oh yeah, did I mention, I have limited cables? two 1/4to1/4 and one xlr so there....Help me...please.

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