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VocalRun / Vocal Run 2yr+5mo ago
So...the Eleven Rack... Forget the software... This is a third party software question...say Mixcraft and Studio One 3... Let's start in Studio One 3: Recording one wet one dry track Each time I change one's input, the other changes, too. It's never separated. Either it's guitar in for dry or it's eleven for wet. How to separate while recording? If not possible, Do I take the dry track and put it in for a re-amp and well the Eleven Rack effects software does not work on my rig i.e. it just never will open for me. I really worked on the downloads and such so as you can see, I'm working off the rack settings only. Oh yeah, did I mention, I have limited cables? two 1/4to1/4 and one xlr so there....Help me...please.


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TSofT   commented 2yr+5mo ago

You should use USB for recording! Eleven rack has main out, line out, output to amp, phones, digital out, etc.. only for one signal (dry or wet) witch you chose in menu. But if you connect via USB, your Eleven rack will become full featured soundcard. Line 1 and 2 are (stereo) wet, 3 and 4 are dry.

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VocalRun   commented 2yr+5mo ago

aha! Now that's a lot of info. Thank you Robert! I'm usb from rack to pc but I'll figure the rest out. And prolly get more cables.