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engels / Sergey Engel 4mo+16dy ago
A little review\recommendation from Doom Heart: (originally posted on FB, From Jerusalem, Israel, here you are phenomenal avant-garde progressive post-grunge / southern rock / doom band Ghost of Altalena with their brand new astonishing first full-length ?Death, Doom and Lollipops?, out April 4th! Enjoy their multi-faceted intriguing sound! (Morpheus)

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 4mo+17dy ago
Listening party ! In the true sprit of April 4, International Defecation Day, after Bohemian Rhapsody is over I will be switching over to the new release

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engels / Sergey Engel 4mo+17dy ago
Okay boys and girls, it's already 4\4 here in Jerusalem, happy Defecation day! Please check credits and everything else. I'm putting it on several other sites in a meantime.

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engels / Sergey Engel 4mo+18dy ago
I'm releasing it on 4/4.

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engels / Sergey Engel 4mo+19dy ago
You may not believe it, but the first LP is ready to be released. All credits for the elaborate mixing\mastering\arranging\rearranging go to Tsvetomir, he worked months on this thing. Stay tuned!

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engels / Sergey Engel 1yr+1mo ago
So as I've already told everyone I wanted to release some of the stuff made here to the outside world. For starters I will gather together some of the songs I like and make an album - LP or EP. As for now most of the stuff is still not mixed, so it will take some time. There's no label involved yet but I hope to get one. We're still not talking about money, but if some $$$ will enter the picture I will discuss it with everyone. I want to keep copyrights on the band name, merch that I will cook and a right to be able to play the materials live with different people (if that ever happens). We've already released a single called "Alzheimer is Calling" since Tsvetomir (paranoia) found a way to play it on Bulgarian radio. That's about it for now. Feel free to comment, disagree, ask for cash, propose something etc.

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