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engels / Sergey Engel 7mo+15dy ago
So as I've already told everyone I wanted to release some of the stuff made here to the outside world. For starters I will gather together some of the songs I like and make an album - LP or EP. As for now most of the stuff is still not mixed, so it will take some time. There's no label involved yet but I hope to get one. We're still not talking about money, but if some $$$ will enter the picture I will discuss it with everyone. I want to keep copyrights on the band name, merch that I will cook and a right to be able to play the materials live with different people (if that ever happens). We've already released a single called "Alzheimer is Calling" since Tsvetomir (paranoia) found a way to play it on Bulgarian radio. That's about it for now. Feel free to comment, disagree, ask for cash, propose something etc.

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