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Created July 11, 2018 by Seashoreandhorizon

Looking to recruit members for a second album. First one was released under the name Graffito and is available for free here:


I'd love another multi-instrumentalist and someone with similar influences. I would be open to sharing lead vocal duties and actually think it would be fun to work with a good singer that I can collaborate with. Some of the songs can be yours and some can be mine!

I mainly am looking to write the music and record the vocals. I would love it if you play guitar, drums, keyboards, and or all of the above. This is just going to be a passion project, so I won't be able to pay you anything. I also need a lot of help with the marketing side (aka social media instagram etc). I'm 33 and I'm just too old to be cool on the Instagram. The goal out of this owuld be to sell some albums and make a little cash, maybe some notoriety in the local music scene.

If by some odd chance things take off and we can tour though that would be a blast! I'm in Columbia Heights, MN and have space to jam.

In addition to vocals, I write songs, program drums, play a little electric guitar and a decent amount of acoustic. My favorite album right now is the new Beach House album, but I'm also listening to the new Spoon. I also just got back from seeing Radiohead in Chicago. I also love arcade fire and love the energy of playing live shows. If you are in Minneapolis even better.

Anyways hit me up on here or instagram: @probablycookingsomething.

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