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SidiousSounds / Ronnie Day 9 days ago
Looking for a freestyle shredder for this one if anyone is interested.

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JurgenK / Jurgen Krimp 1mo+21dy ago
I have already posted this on the community page, but as this is a metal tune, I figured why not post it here as well. Looking for a hard rock/heavy metal style vocalist to collaborate with! Me and MikeJM are currently working on finishing the lyrics and vocal melody (nothing set in stone, you may make changes as you see fit). The vocal melody can be found in the collaboration page and lyrics will be uploaded shortly. I really think this has potential to become a decent song. Let's bring it up another level by adding vocals! EDIT: I've recorded the lead guitar solo at 1:51. This has the new file uploaded.

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SidiousSounds / Ronnie Day 1mo+22dy ago
found my home.

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MagicRiff / James Erceg 1mo+27dy ago
Looking for vocalist in the Black/Death/Grindcore style to make Industrial Death Metal tracks. Basically just need a vocal acapella with lyrics. Here's some tracks I have up on the net for the style I'm going for:

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SimonW / Simon Wright 3mo+12dy ago
I've posted this track on the main Community page but may be particularly relevant for this group. Check out this dark-themed metal track. We'd love to get some more metal enthusiasts onboard to add drums, bass guitar, and vocals. Let Mark (Moonrunner) and I know if you're interested?!

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JayeshRaikar / Jayesh Raikar 3mo+16dy ago
Violence in my Blood Check out our EP, a trilogy of songs, where each song describes a chapter in the life of a person filled with malice. Click on the following URL to hear it for free: The team: Jayesh Raikar: Lyrics Sergio Sousa: Music Composition, Bass, Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering D Man: Vocals, Vocal Melody Josh Miller: Lead Guitar Let us know your feedback and thoughts Thank You \m/ PS: It's loud, it's fast, it's heavy, it's violent, it's not for the weak hearted

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paranoia / Tsvetomir Ivanov 3mo+16dy ago
Second Single is out.

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paranoia / Tsvetomir Ivanov 4mo+14dy ago
lol... 31 members.... when did that happen? Anyways... first single is out folks... Enjoy! Lyrics by Jayesh Raikar, Vocals by Frank Ruiz, Drums and Percs by Brian Henry, Bass by Sergey Engels

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rongdesign / d Man 5 months ago
Hey, my metal brothers! Wish me luck, I'm opening for Hed PE, Thursday!

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rhythmicdevil / Steven Wright 5 months ago
Reworking this song thats been hanging around for a while. I need a bass line that is tight, fills in the bottom end and growls.

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