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bpopov / Bozhidar Popov 1mo+24dy ago
Hi! I am a guitarist and | am looking for collaborations. I am the creator of "Rage Unfold" - a virtual heavy metal band, but I am looking for musicians, who want to participate in that project, so that we can produce great and meaningful music. I'm composing music and writing lyrics in the traditional heavy metal / hardrock area! My first song is called "Chains" - check it out: Spotify: If someone is interested, please contact me directly. Thanks in advance!

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OsamaQureshiOnline / Osama Qureshi 5mo+2dy ago
Hey amigos, I'm looking for a guitarist to fill this drum track with heavy riffs like Slipknot and also a vocalist who can screen his/her lungs out like a demon, help me finish this project, hell yeah \m/

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GetFire / Get Fire 11mo+17dy ago
...and this oriental Metal track still needs a lead gitarrero! Would be ill if someone could give it a try!;-)

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GetFire / Get Fire 11mo+26dy ago
This could be an awesome Metal-thing, depending on your help!;-) Still looking 4 an accoustic drummer ( if there is one on Kompoz who is able to play this track on the accoutsic drumkit)...

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JayeshRaikar / Jayesh Raikar 1yr+1mo ago
Hi, We had released the Hektor trilogy on SoundCloud on 7th March, 2021. Its a pleasure to say that it has been rated 3.4 out of 5 on the Divide and Conquer website: Also, the EP has been featured on Metalperver: Do check out Hektor and let us know your honest feedback A big thanks to sriracha, bcstudios, engels, Pstruh69 and AndreaSpace, who worked on this project. Thank You

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flaviobrandao / Flavio Brandao 1yr+1mo ago
Hello guys! I'm looking for a metal singer for this project. The lyrics and vocals lines are for reference only but I'd like to keep the song name and the theme. Thanks in advance! Flavio

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JayeshRaikar / Jayesh Raikar 1yr+7mo ago
Hi! We have released the Hektor trilogy on SoundCloud! You can check it out via the following URL: The individual songs and lyrics can be accessed separately as well: The God of us all: Soldiers for a Rabid Dog: When the Court Jester bites: The team: Billy LeCoq-Mauvais: Music Composition, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Keyboard, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering Bob Campbell: Vocals, Vocal Melody Sergey Engel: Bass Guitar Robert Sobota: Drums (The God of us all, Soldiers for a Rabid Dog) Andrea Spaziale: Drums (When the Court Jester bites) Do check out the songs and let us know what you feel. We are open to all kinds of feedback and comments. Thank You.

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Redfish / Tony Gee 1yr+9mo ago
Hi All - I havent posted here before ... but anyone interested in contributing to this new hard rock opera? In need of guitar solos and vocals ... and probably a bit more too (more info in the song link) Rock on! - Red

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CQuantum / C Quantum 2yr+1mo ago
Hey everyone, I'm kinda new here. Is anyone interested in trying some stoner/death/thrash vocals? Thanks for checking it out!

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JayeshRaikar / Jayesh Raikar 2yr+2mo ago
Violence in my Blood It's been more than a year since we released our debut EP and it was quite an experience working on it. A big shout out to Sergio Sousa, D Man and Josh Miller for bringing this blood stained trilogy to life! I was born to Kill: Weaponized: Riot: Thank You \m/

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