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Tulliodrum / Tullio Carleo 1mo+10dy ago
hi, drummer and mixing engineer. open to collaborations. Hit me if you need help

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Greendog76 / Bill Mangan 1mo+13dy ago
Kinda new to this Kompoz thing. How often is there usually activity on here?

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spydah / Roger Barlow 3mo+19dy ago
It's not a Kompoz collab, but it is a collab I worked on with former Static-X Guitarist Tripp Eisen's new band "Face Without Fear". Keep an ear out for these guys!

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JayeshRaikar / Jayesh Raikar 4mo+20dy ago
The Vengeance trilogy got reviewed on Metal Noise It gives me great pleasure (and goosebumps!) to say that the EP we released on SoundCloud, Vengeance, got reviewed on Metal Noise: If you have not heard the trilogy yet, check out the three songs here: An applause for the guys who worked on this project: Luis Galvez: Billy LeCoq-Mauvais: Bob Campbell: Ben Owen: Let us know your feedback, views, etc. as well. If you like the project and you are on SoundCloud as well, do repost it from you page. Thank You.

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 4mo+27dy ago
I joined to post this....... "When you're metal but you have to play children's gigs to pay the bills"

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JurgenK / Jurgen Krimp 4mo+29dy ago
Any vocalists interested in collaborating? Theres lyrics and a vocal guide (optional, not required to follow) available in the collaboration page.

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JenCarie / Jennifer Carie 5mo+6dy ago
Hi everyone.... I'm sneaking in the back door and feeling like, I probably shouldn't be here. lol. But after a few guys encouraged me that I could maybe play with you all, I thought I'd be brave and try it out. I KNOW I've got a lot of work to do and want to get better in singing this genre. Any coaching or tips you've got, are ALWAYS welcome. Thanks for listening... This is an A Capella version of a song I did of Jannik's song "The Tower." There are no available spins so I'm just posting me singing the lyrics I wrote. Basically I would need an entire new song created. We can pitch the style and start from scratch, too. Whatever works. In the Files of this song, is the music I sang to if it helps as a reference. Seriously, thanks for taking a look. :) Peace, Jen

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SidiousSounds / Ronnie Day 5mo+27dy ago
David Lee Roth as a cartoon. (laughs)

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jasonblayney / Jason Blayney 5mo+29dy ago
Studio drummer looking for some progressive or metal outlets. Hit me up if you'd like to collaborate.

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paranoia / Tsvetomir Ivanov 6mo+7dy ago
Btw fellas... Still looking for vocals on my Skate punk metal fusion

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