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JurgenK / Jurgen Krimp 5 months ago
Any vocalists interested in collaborating? Theres lyrics and a vocal guide (optional, not required to follow) available in the collaboration page.

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JenCarie / Jennifer Carie 5mo+8dy ago
Hi everyone.... I'm sneaking in the back door and feeling like, I probably shouldn't be here. lol. But after a few guys encouraged me that I could maybe play with you all, I thought I'd be brave and try it out. I KNOW I've got a lot of work to do and want to get better in singing this genre. Any coaching or tips you've got, are ALWAYS welcome. Thanks for listening... This is an A Capella version of a song I did of Jannik's song "The Tower." There are no available spins so I'm just posting me singing the lyrics I wrote. Basically I would need an entire new song created. We can pitch the style and start from scratch, too. Whatever works. In the Files of this song, is the music I sang to if it helps as a reference. Seriously, thanks for taking a look. :) Peace, Jen

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paranoia / Tsvetomir Ivanov 6mo+9dy ago
Btw fellas... Still looking for vocals on my Skate punk metal fusion

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SimonW / Simon Wright 6mo+10dy ago
Hi, Looking for a producer for this fun metal track, called 'Bone Shaker'. Anyone interested? Want everything to sound well defined and powerful

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SidiousSounds / Ronnie Day 10mo+4dy ago
Looking for a freestyle shredder for this one if anyone is interested.

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JurgenK / Jurgen Krimp 11mo+16dy ago
I have already posted this on the community page, but as this is a metal tune, I figured why not post it here as well. Looking for a hard rock/heavy metal style vocalist to collaborate with! Me and MikeJM are currently working on finishing the lyrics and vocal melody (nothing set in stone, you may make changes as you see fit). The vocal melody can be found in the collaboration page and lyrics will be uploaded shortly. I really think this has potential to become a decent song. Let's bring it up another level by adding vocals! EDIT: I've recorded the lead guitar solo at 1:51. This has the new file uploaded.

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rhythmicdevil / Steven Wright 1yr+2mo ago
Reworking this song thats been hanging around for a while. I need a bass line that is tight, fills in the bottom end and growls.

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rhythmicdevil / Steven Wright 1yr+2mo ago
Ok metal heads, who's up for a shredding killer lead? Check this out, there is a marker that show the location of the lead.

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mickeh / Mikael Hallgren 1yr+3mo ago
Hi! Anyone that like this one and wants to collaborate? First of all I'm looking for an male vocalist to replace my song. (On the other hand, if someone like my vocals please come with feedback. I'm quite new when it comes to singing...) If you are into guitar rhythm/lead or base, you are more than welcome to collaborate with this song.

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JurgenK / Jurgen Krimp 1yr+4mo ago
Anybody interested in collaborating on this track? Looking for vocals mostly, but I'm also open to the idea of making it an instrumental with lead guitar or other suitable instruments!

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