Into the Garden - the Home Made Concept Album 27-29 March 2019

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Created March 20, 2019 by Mysterian

Every year since 2008 I meet up with @rolf with the ambitious goal of creating a concept album from scratch in just three days... (2 and a half if you count getting there and taking a quick stop at the Sainsburys in Keynsham for beer and crisps). 

We try to plan nothing, or record nothing until the first day. We generally wrap it all up on the third. 

Dates this year are 27-29 March

The concept this year is "Into the Garden", or simply "Garden", so join up, strap in, post your ideas, pitch in and enjoy. Rock, ambient, jazz, dance, pop, folk or anything else you can think of. 

Check out our previous concepts : "Sheep 2015" and "Herbs and Spices 2017".

Everyone welcome. 

@mysterian & @rolf