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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 11 days ago
*** Nov 2019 feature ***... IntervaloLucido (Alexander Lopez) is a relatively prolific artist here on k-town who works mainly in the alternative genre. Consistently posting projects with complete arrangements, holding down guitar, synth and drum parts, and with modest creative briefs like "another song" (seriously?), he is just the kind of kompoz artist that people might miss. Although maybe not, looking at the variety of kompoz collaborators he has worked with. Recently ipft (Ian T) starting writing lyrics and singing vocals for his tracks. I count 4 so far. Ian joined kompoz as a guitarist and writer. Personally I still have a JustVera spinoff project he did a very tasty guitar lick on that I still haven't been able to get back to finishing... :-/ But that's besides the point ... Ian, now working with several kompoz members, is one of the more prolific and polished *vocalists* on kompoz, particularly in the Indie/Alternative/British Invasion type thing. I've featured here what I think is the first project they collaborated on, "Tunnels", from earlier this year. But there is easily more with Ian as vocalist that I could have featured that are in various stages of completion, final mixes, what have you... I wasn't sure these 2 were done: "Gone Too Far" / "Out of Friends" "Plastic Choking your Sushi" And here's "Tunnels". I think these guys have something here... :) IntervaloLucido (Alexander Lopez, Guatemala) Creator, guitars, keys, drum parts ipft (Ian T, Liverpool United Kingdom) - lyrics and vocals alessioferrettinews (Alessio Feeeee, Passogatto, Italy) - bass HLowe (H Lowe, Sarasota, Florida USA) - lead guitar

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 18 days ago
** Halloween Special ** ... Yes, its already that pumpkin time of year...of course of all places, the alt-music group has a special for the occasion, and a personal story to relate... If you are not into or simply unimpressed by long-winded stories about how I met this person or that person in my music travels, then just go ahead to the video...Its not an obvious choice, you will be glad you did. I understand. :) I met Lux Interior (R.I.P. 2009), lead singer of the Cramps, back in the 80's. He came to the store I was working at, which employed several musicians -- it was early on a dark cold Boston New Years Eve night. And he arrived sort of looking like the short, mild mannered version of the grim reaper, in a long buttoned black trench coat, black army-style boots, caked white make-up with black eyeliner, you fact he looked a more than a tad unhealthy when I greeted him, as he literally hid in the corner of the store and waited for my manager Richie. Based on that encounter, I would not have guessed he would have even made it to age 62 as he did. There wasn't youtube or anything back then, I only could go with the album covers to figure out .. "Yeah, thats the guy from the Cramps" ....Richie comes out and he isn't sure either..."Are you Lux?". They laughed. Not many customers came to the in-store or were in on it either. A bunch of workmates soon left to go to the Cramps show that night with him, leaving me to close the store alone that New Years night :-| I had just started working there so this was some kind of new-guy hazing....Worry not, I was able to parlay the guilt trip on my manager from leaving me out on that one....into being able to later get in free and backstage to other gigs of indie/alt bands that toured through Boston. But actually that night totally sucked. Especially when I realized what had happened.... Its really funny to me that Lux was so mild mannered, because live on stage and in this video, well...he is...... positively, um.....possessed. Would have been fun to see that transformation in person. R.I.P. Lux, I never met the real you...

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 1mo+9dy ago
* October 2019 feature * Well, its safe to say I would have liked to have featured this project under better circumstances. However, the 2 major contributors in this effort seem to have left kompoz. All we have is their digital ghost. Just so everyone knows, I planned this as the October/Halloween month feature when I started the alt-music group back in March, since I haven't been able to reach the 2 main collaborators, and didn't think it was likely I would... The 2 collaborators I could reach, OregonGuy and Leafdriving, have no idea what happened to them. This might be a "1-N-Done" in its truest form. Chilling actually, considering the project was a strong kompoz debut. Work had just stopped on this project in January, which is only 9 months ago. Dan Mojava also hasn't been active on his soundcloud, bandlab, or metapop accounts since. Kompoz' beloved Mykk's account(R.I.P.) was also involved in a version of this originally, just adding to its mystery. In this scary month of October, perhaps its fitting to reflect on this.... "Unseen World" Mojava (Dan Mojava, United Kingdom) - lyrics and vocals ganzfeld__(Pitcairn) - synths, guitar, mix engineering (was this a real account? -- its been closed since sometime in April) OregonGuy - (Terry Campbell, Oregon City, Oregon USA) - electric bass Leafdriving (Lief Kelly, Wellandport, Ontario, Canada) - some of the vocal processing concept If anyone knows the whereabouts of mojava and gansfeld__, please do share.... I'm scared they will come to take me away to the unseen world in my sleep.

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 13 hours ago
Think Tree "Hire A Bird" ............. I had the pleasure of working side-by-side with this singer/bandleader, and was reminded of it yesterday after seeing a chiropractor....long story...

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 20 days ago
Squid - "The Cleaner" ............ The children of The Fall, Talking Heads, and The B52's got together and made this little ditty. Remember, you heard it here first :D

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 23 days ago
30 years ago today...... Nine Inch Nails "Pretty Hate Machine" was released. Significant for me since within 6 months I get the call from the newly formed label in I was signed to in NYC that they would not be continuing post-production on an EP I had recorded at Fort Apache studios in Boston. Not only did NIN sound like my stuff, its lead single produced by Adrian Sherwood had the word "down" in the title, as did the planned first single release for me. By this time the label had also signed Moby, who they said was this vegan DJ that was the great-grandson (really just a reat-great-great nephew) of the guy that wrote Moby Dick. His demo, which I was one of the first people to hear, was all over the place and it showcased his less than stellar vocals. 30 years later, here I am, still "Down In It"

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 1mo+2dy ago
The The "Uncertain Smile" 1983 ........ Congratulations to MaxFenig for guessing this track. Contest was in previous post: While most of the Orville Peck record channels Elvis or Roy Orbison, my belief is that "Turn To Hate" was chosen as the lead single for alt radio since it channelled the vocals of Matt Johnson, and the particular radio track from the 1983 The The album "Soul Mining" Here is a video of the original recording:

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 1mo+6dy ago
Orville Peck "Turn To Hate"........ Hailing from Toronto, and signed to alt label SubPop, Orville Peck is a great new and original alt-country/rockabilly act to check out. Although we may never see his face LOL :D "Turn To Hate" is getting a lot of airplay on the alt station I listen to in the car. And its sounds strangely similar to an alt classic from years ago. Not sure its enough to be a copyright infringement though...but you never know. I'm hoping the label sussed this out before promoting it. What other song am I thinking of? I will give a gift month of paid PLUS membership to the new member you choose ( < 60 days on kompoz) if you are the first to guess.

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 1mo+7dy ago
Stuck in 1992

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 1mo+12dy ago
October Fools Day ! ........... Congratulations to Bauhaus for announcing their 40th anniversary tour ! They said in an interview though that they won't be playing this one, since it wasn't really a song they were known for .... :D

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 1mo+14dy ago
God Hates A Coward ................

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 1mo+27dy ago
Ric Ocasek produced ....... He produced Weezer's first record in the 90's, but probably only those who lived in Boston know he produced the New Models EP in the 80's. Often The Cars opening act, they actually did get to MTV with a video. I was able to hang out with these guys, who were really the first people to put into my head that I could do my own music.

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 1mo+28dy ago
R.I.P. Ric Ocasek ........ I was on a lunch break talking on my cellphone near Gramercy Park NYC when I saw him in person, must have been 2007 or 2008 - he gave me an appreciative nod as I immediately recognized him and waved as he walked by. The Cars ( pronounced "the cahhs") hailing from Boston, MA in the U.S., were one of the first new-wave bands I ever heard. You may think of them as classic rock, but thats only cause they are so old...and now both of their lead singers are no more...

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Created March 29, 2019 by xd238

"Alternative music is a music genre for those who have no music genre."


Think the type of music played on alternative radio stations now and in the past and you have it.

If you like or perform alternative music, likely you know................................and it doesn't have to be explained...


A good guide for what alt-music is for the purposes of this group is artists nominated for the US Grammy for Alternative



All-Music's definition of Alternative Rock sub-genres



I am basically a DJ role and curator/moderator in this group. There are many kompoz artists posting great stuff that many never hear, and aren't active on the Community page, I see this as a chance to bring those out.


Aside from being a group to showcase and get help for your alt collabs with a like-minded audience, the group will have an additional purpose.


During the first week of every month, I will pin a feature to a kompoz track in the genre.  ( Or it will be something relevant to alternative music)    Preference will go to recently completed kompoz tracks. (or close to completion) 


Occasionally the feature track will be from the vault or a member who is no longer active.  Anyone is welcome to PM me suggestions.  Please in the subject of the PM write "alt-music feature suggestion" or something like that...


Important note: Just because a project is labeled in an alternative genre does not make it alternative and to be a possible feature. Also I would suggest limiting posts to tracks and subjects that actually fit the genres I have described.

You may also see tracks not categorized as alternative featured that *actually are alternative* according to this group's definition.


The monthly features are not a contest, nor will be they be limited to projects that are my own personal style.