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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 6mo+18dy ago
*** May 2019 feature *** engels (Sergey Engels) is fairly prolific here at kompoz, having just released an internet album "Ghost of Altalena" with many kompoz member performances as well. You never know exactly where his original stuff is gonna land genre-wise, or whats gonna happen even within a given project from measure to measure... Here is a feature-worthy one I thought of, which I think is definitely one of his best alt projects. It shows a lot of talent, but didn't make it onto the album. engels (Sergey engel -- Jerusalem Judea, Israel) - guitar, bass, vocal DrumTorque (Pepino Lorenzo - Guadalajara, Mexico) - drums "(She only hugged him when he was) ILL"


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engels   commented 6mo+15dy ago

Thank you Ken for featuring this song here, I want to use this opportunity to invite singers - I feel my vocals are not good enough for the song (which I really like), that's why it was dumped.

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xd238   commented 6mo+15dy ago

I thought the song was kinda alt/novelty, and so the vocals were fine, especially the way they were produced.. No one else is going to sing this like you, it has a certain quality. I can think of several alt vocalists that got actual radio play who would not do this justice the way you did. The range needed would be a problem