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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 5mo+29dy ago Please take time to look at this discussion and suggest any new tracks that could be featured for next week (we even have one slot available for this week!) :)

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 6 months ago
A few things first: So I recently started a channel to promote Kompoz music, and I need all the help I can get lol To not spam the community page, I created this group. So, here are my questions: 1. Would anyone like to join me on this adventure? (In any way, from helping me with videos to just giving suggestions) AND 2. What can I do to improve? You can visit the channel here: Oh, and also check out the "polls" section. Thanks!

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 5mo+21dy ago
EPISODE 3 . . . hopefully I'm improving a bit lol

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 5mo+24dy ago
I created a Facebook page for the project that you guys can like and share if you want. :D Any other recommendations for platforms to promote this project? I'm in the process of figuring out an Instagram for the project. ;)

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 5mo+24dy ago

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 5mo+25dy ago
Thanks to the help of Leafdriving . . . we have our first podcast episode! My performance isn't going to blow you away lol but it's a start... :)

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Created August 28, 2019 by MikeJM

This is the official Kompoz Group for MikeJM's YouTube Channel made for Kompoz, "Mantecon Music."


Mike is a newbie at creating YouTube videos but would love any suggestions and collaboration he can find!


The two purposes of this group will be to:


  1. Share videos that Mike created for feedback and whatever other reasons.
  2. To get people to collaborate and suggest improvements for what will hopefully be a YouTube channel that will soon live up to the task of promoting Kompoz and underground music! 


Feel free to drop in if you like the show, have any suggestions for improvements, want to be a part of it, and/or feel like Mike has no idea what he's doing lol


Thanks for stopping by!