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xterrabill / Bill beamba fictitous 9mo+24dy ago
Just a reminder to all interested, Kompoz already has some very well done tutorials, I think we should all review them before trying to make additional video's. Here are 2 fine examples ..... https://vimeo.com/4491331 https://vimeo.com/4540097 Btw... who did these? Brannon?


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Astronut   commented 9mo+23dy ago

I'm pretty sure that's Raf.

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kman   commented 9mo+23dy ago

I think every kompoz user, who doesn't know about sync tones definitely needs to watch these videos. If you are the one to mix a project without sync tones you may make it work with some forensic mathematical talent. This can take an hour or so. If you have all tracks with synctones, you set up your project within minutes!