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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 1 day ago
OK, enough APL parodies...... Yesterday, I found a set of instructions for upgrading to Catalina and keeping *most* of your plugins working in Logic. The writer would not commit to all of them working...nor will I personally support this set of instructions. I still have 2 older machines on MountainLion, one on High Sierra that I just did an SSD upgrade on. I will not be taking part in any Catalina upgrade for a very long time, if ever... BUT, if you want this (long) set of instructions on how to do the upgrade that apparently someone has had a modicum of success with, PM me. Again, I won't support this don't blame me if it doesn't work. :-I

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 5 days ago
dis is sooooo kewl ! .......... f&ck yeah!!! i cant wait for the next version of Logic

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 10 days ago
And another...............,

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 16 days ago
Upset much ?? .............. Found this on fb. I guess someone's upset.......?

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ironhide1975 / Anthony Anselmo 7mo+3dy ago
Greetings, Looking for a Logic Pro mixing wizard. I?ve been able to achieve some with Logic Pro but I really need a professional who can take my Logic Pro files and give me studio quality for a reasonable price. If interested please drop me a line. Thank you.

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carlmoneyhoney / Buck Stewart 1yr+1mo ago
I'm not a musician- trying to get arrangement demo to show lyric idea with my new toy Logic Pro x. I have a loop I'd like to use. I drag it in the arrange window and I believe it plays in the Dm scale that I'm using, but for variety can I change a copy of it to get more variety in a way but still sound good and work in Dm scale in other words change it to 2 versions in same scale? Help!

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carlmoneyhoney / Buck Stewart 1yr+1mo ago
I just got a new iMac and logic pro x. It took parts of 5 days (literally, including all night for 4 nights ) to down load the library. Anyone else experience that? I have since got a new router - don't know how much of a difference that would have made.

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sriracha / Billy LeCoq-Mauvais 1yr+1mo ago
Anyone gonna bite the bullet on Mojave yet? I upgraded the biz mac to High Sierra when it came out, but waited about a year on the studio one. I haven't heard anything about Mojave yet...

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rafj / Raf J 1yr+2mo ago
A new platform to exchange/ share Logic Pro projects , and its FREE ! it's a Beta version ( developers are London based ) , there are only 138 subscription left ! installed it , and seems to work fine

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