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Redfish / Tony Gee 6 days ago
Has anyone updated their MacOS to Big Sur and had any problems with Logic ProX 10? I've heard so many horror stories in the past ... I dont want to take the risk. Am I being over cautious?

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sriracha / Billy LeCoq-Mauvais 1mo+25dy ago
Just upgraded to Big Sur. So far everything music-wise seems to be working. I'll update if I hit any issues.

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Redfish / Tony Gee 3mo+12dy ago
Has anyone found a good way to automate inclusion of sync tones in multiple sep exports using Logic Pro X? What do you do for your Kompoz projects re sync tone inclusion on multiple seps? When I have lots of seps (over 30 on occasions) I tend to upload in batches, with just one of the tracks in the bunch with sync tones ... the others all exported at the same point and region selection. Is there a better way? (other than bouncing multiple tracks manually one by one?)

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PaulM44 / Paul Muns 4mo+17dy ago
Beware: IF you use Keep Tempo (ON) to record a track, make sure to switch Flex Mode OFF afterwards in the (middle) of the Track Inspector (above the faders). IF you don't and move the end of a track region to shorten it in the Workspace it will distort the notes that the end passes over. If you drag the end back where it was, all of those notes that it passed over will be garbage. With Flex Mode turned OFF, then it acts normal and will not stretch or shorten notes in the region.

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PaulM44 / Paul Muns 4mo+18dy ago
I wonder if anyone else is experiencing the problem I have just noticed: I started a new file and recorded an acoustic guitar audio track and Normalized it as usual. Then I enlarged it and started chopping the region at the Playhead. At the end of one of these regions was a longer tone that overlapped the beat so i wanted to just shorten the note and pull the next note in a separate region up to the beat. In the now shortened region I pulled the end of the region to the left a little more but noticed (now greatly zoomed in) that there was a gap now in the heretofore solid waveform's tail and as I approached the higher volume of the note, the waveform shape bunched up as I dragged slowly left toward it. When I dragged the length back to it's original length and played the note, the part I had shorted in the note and gone back to original length was now sounding degraded to "rice Krispies", while at the same time in the Waveform editor below, it showed the original waveform as untouched and not broken up. I tried the same thing on the front of the region and none of this happened. Note, I did not hold down the Option key to do any of this, which might have explained the distortion. Hitting Ctrl-Z fortunately took it all back but it means that region editing is faulty. I wrote a bug report about it to Apple from within Logic Pro but you can tell it is not a serious bug report effort on Apple's part from the stupidity of the bug report form.

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Redfish / Tony Gee 5mo+7dy ago
I would dearly like to get something approaching a decent thick sounding vintage distorted guitar sound on some of my compositions - I'm thinking Tony Iommi, Judas Priest and the like (not exactly ... but good enough sounding for my setup and equipment - Strat instead or SG etc). I've tended to start with the stock 'Classic Drive' plugin, but have also tried these things Any suggestions using stock or free plugins? Also suggestions as to how to approach the recording and mixing (multitracking etc)? (Of course the elephant in the room ..... down tuning)

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ZankFrappa / Scott Lewis 5mo+7dy ago
Been a Logic guy for quite a few years yet there is so much I still need to learn. I am here because I can share some knowledge as well as gain some new knowledge.

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NathanDetroit / Nathan Goodman 9mo+6dy ago
Anyone know a setting for better menu scroll bar control? Like in a timeline , if I use the scroll bar left and right I slide way too far .. , i would like slower more controlled use of this, especially in midi edit window or pitch flex window . Is there window scroll setting somewhere. ?

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Redfish / Tony Gee 9mo+19dy ago
I am looking for someone who can help mentor me with Logic pro and vocal EQ. I have watched tons of youtube videos. However, Ideally - I would like to go through a worked example with someone to comment on my approach and share their experience and approach - the best way to learn imo. Does anyone have the time and desire to help me learn?

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Redfish / Tony Gee 11mo+5dy ago
Logic pro X is currently being sold on offer ......

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