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carlmoneyhoney / Buck Stewart 1yr+6mo ago
I just got a new iMac and logic pro x. It took parts of 5 days (literally, including all night for 4 nights ) to down load the library. Anyone else experience that? I have since got a new router - don't know how much of a difference that would have made.

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sriracha / Billy LeCoq-Mauvais 1yr+6mo ago
Anyone gonna bite the bullet on Mojave yet? I upgraded the biz mac to High Sierra when it came out, but waited about a year on the studio one. I haven't heard anything about Mojave yet...

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rafj / Raf J 1yr+7mo ago
A new platform to exchange/ share Logic Pro projects , and its FREE ! it's a Beta version ( developers are London based ) , there are only 138 subscription left ! installed it , and seems to work fine

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carlmoneyhoney / Buck Stewart 1yr+7mo ago
HELP! Can I get the notes from the piano roll editor to sound thru my Mac speakers as well as my headphones. My ears are being mauled by having to keep headphones on constantly. I'm using Logic Express 9. If 9 won't work - good reason to up-grade if it will in Logic ProX Thanks

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 1yr+11mo ago
The Mac Plague................, As horrible as the Walking Dead, there are plans by a well known philanthropist to end the scourge of Macs....

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PaulM44 / Paul Muns 1yr+12mo ago
After years of using Logic Pro (X) I finally did the unthinkable--overwrote my LOGICX file after several days work. It is utterly and irretrievably gone in the tap of a key! I began looking for an automatic backup, like MS Word or most other creative programs have--every 5 minutes or something reasonable. There is no backup that can be set as far as I can find. I see in Preferences / General and Auto Backup (Last 3 versions) and below that Recent Items (5). But this doesn't work on the LOGICX file as far as I can find. There are extraneous 2 folders for Freeze Files but nothing for BACKUP! It seems like a bug not to have this programmed into this sophisticated program where countless hours can be poured into the settings in the LOGICX file that can never be duplicated later from memory if lost. What am I missing here? (Using MAC OSX 10.4.1 [latest])

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Brannon / Brannon Hedgcoth 2 years ago
Here they go again.

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nemonty / NE MONTY 2 years ago
Ok, this is just down right creepy......this morning I was thinking about how I could use two interfaces at the same time. I have an older AVID Mbox pro that has a midi interface that works without having to do any rewiring or black magic rituals, it just works! and an Audient that I like for the clean circuitry and IC's for microphones. I open my email a bit later and find this: I wonder if there's such a thing as pyschic meta data?

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PaulM44 / Paul Muns 2yr+9mo ago
Update available for Logic Pro: ver 10.3.2 as of 18 July '17. 7/21: having used it for a few minutes, two new things to look for: 1) progress for downloads (new drummers, etc.) under display at top with BPM and duration. 2 ) Newest Drummers have different interface with no obvious window for place where the track to Follow was. It is now in the bottom slot that has an up/down at the far right. I was very frustrated before finally finding it! Too subtle by half.

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Floodmusic / Trevor Kenward 2yr+10mo ago
Hi, I am working with a singer who exports her seps up onto Kompoz using GarageBand. When I download the seps into my Logic X the seps come up as stereo in my DAW. Has anyone experienced this or know what may be happening? I assume it is during the export process other than that I don't really know?

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