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Saxjazz251 / Will Jordan 4 years ago
Hello, Any Hackintosh ppl here ? Also anyone here networking multiple instances of LPX , and also using AUNetsend/Receive ? Also running LPX in 7.1 surround ?

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giuliano22 / chris giuliano 4 years ago
How does this sync tone stuff work? Im stuck in a project with a few seps completely off kilter. Historically, i've draged and dropped seps right on the first measure and everything lines up. When i record and export, my files lineup as well. The seps im trying to work with Will not work. Any insght would be appreciated. Im in garageband. I would prefer not to zoom into the .wav and surgically lineup the .wavs.

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ipft / Ian T 4yr+1mo ago
Anyone using Logic templates, or know where there are any examples of use? I want to sharpen up on my project management and track organisation. Been reading about seps, stems, Aux, Buses etc. and figure I need to improve how I set up effects tracks etc. and want to make things easier to bounce and share things out. Any hints/tips/examples etc. or comments/suggestions would be welcome.

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Brannon / Brannon Hedgcoth 4yr+1mo ago
Update 10.2.2 out today mostly bug fixes

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RicardoCamargo / Ricardo Camargo 4yr+2mo ago
So, my midi keyboard decided to stop working all of a sudden. When I open Logic and plug the keyboard, it turns on and I can hear the notes for maybe 2, 3 seconds, than it just stops working. The led is still on, and when I unplug it, it show the message that the midi ins and outs have changed, and if I try to plug it again, the nothing happens, no led on and no midi message saying the number on ins and outs have changed. Any ideas?? Ow, and the virtual keyboard works fine, it's just the controller.

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Brannon / Brannon Hedgcoth 4yr+3mo ago
Wishing very much that hadn't upgraded to 10.2.1. The System Overload problem is worse than ever. I only ever had it when I used MIDI. Now it only take 10 audio tracks. MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

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giuliano22 / chris giuliano 4yr+3mo ago
anyone tell me why my recording in the daw(garageband) is perfect as far as peaks etc. then when you export to .aiff file, its wayyyyyyy louder than the wav in daw. (garageband) oh, and how to fix it?

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marcelosz / Marcelo SZ 4yr+3mo ago
Apple updates Logic Pro X & MainStage 3 Mac apps with performance improvements, new features Anybody tested it? Highlights: - New multithreading threading feature that significantly improves performance when processing multiple live channels. - New export option allows you to create stems from multiple selected tracks

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marcelosz / Marcelo SZ 4yr+3mo ago
Volume automation in LPX: how do usually work with it? I mean, when mixing you need to automate volume for 2 reasons: dynamics (like a guitar part that starts low and gets louder) and volume level (the mix balance itself). But what do you usually do when you have both cases? At least for me I think it's a PITA when you need to change levels of a track that has already been volume automated regarding dynamics, be it just a region or the whole track. So what I usually do is create a group even if there's just one track in it. The dynamics based automation goes in the track itself, and the track overall volume I change using the group fader, with no automation. I'm curious to know your practices regarding this. Thanks!

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giuliano22 / chris giuliano 4yr+3mo ago
Ok, let me get something right...if i wanna record guitars at around -18 dbs with the audio interface, draf the ouput in garageband to -18 dbs, then play guitar. Then tune your input untill te levels meet your ouput bar at -18? Im still unclear how to play at -18..

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