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sriracha / Billy LeCoq-Mauvais 4yr+7mo ago
Just upgraded my non-DAW iMac to El Capitan. I'll post up if I find any issues. One notice I got was from NI saying that they have at the last moment found issues with El Capitan and that their stuff may just not work or worse, cause a kernel panic. Nice...they are working with Apple and so I expect it to get resolved. I'll try and remember to post when I hear from them.

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 4yr+9mo ago
Does anyone know how to split a stereo track I recorded in Logic to 2 mono tracks? This apparently changed in 10.

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FreeAlpha7022 / Daniel Yeatman 4yr+11mo ago
I'm an aspiring electronic artist interested in collaborating with like-minded individual(s) to produce some songs and maybe even an EP. Ideally, you: -live in the Charlottesville area (we can always collab remotely) -familiar with DAWs -more comprehensive understanding of music theory than me -play a live instrument or sing -are willing to take risks -enjoy electronic music (down-tempo, ambient, chill, Drum n Bass OR trap, big-room/drumstep) I can provide sample material of what I have made so far upon request. My influences for this EP include Blackmill, Phaeleh, and Xilent. I also have a heavy background in Trance. I'm interested to hear what inspires/influences you. I specialize in percussion both live and producing and have gear that reflects this. I use Logic 9 for software and have two pieces of hardware: an Oxygen MIDI controller (currently in need of repair) and a TD-30 drum module w/ Roland TD30KV electronic drum kit to boot. Hit me back and let's try it out.

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Mysthral / Pierre Foisy 5yr+1mo ago
Hey guys I've been working in Logic for a number of years. Something strange is happening in one collaboration I'm working and none other. I had the vocals, bass, guitars, etc. for a while. The last tracks I added was the drums. Then as I was trying the pan different instruments to the drums, I noticed that all my tracks were playing only in mono and no matter where I panned them, they stick to the middle of the stereo field. Don't know if I did something without knowing and I'm sure it's not the new tracks that I added that are responsible. Any ideas anyone? Thank you

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Sterling / JM T 5yr+1mo ago
Cakewalk Sonar and Pro Tools have moved to subscription based licensing to generate steady revenue.... I wonder if apple will do the same down the road with Logic Pro?

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Brannon / Brannon Hedgcoth 5yr+1mo ago
How to batch remove the bip! I like this a whole bunch!

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marcelosz / Marcelo SZ 5yr+2mo ago
Good news coming to Logic users??? "Apple Acquires Popular Instrument and Effect Plug-In Maker Camel Audio"

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darkblane / Karl Baden 5yr+2mo ago
Hi all, new to Logic, hopefully I can pick up some tips from the pros! :)

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nemonty / NE MONTY 5yr+2mo ago
Anyone using 5.1 surround recording in Logics? I'm specifically looking for headphone monitoring methods.

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BurneyWarren / Burney Warren 5yr+3mo ago

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