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JustVera / Just Vera 29 days ago
Dear Bassplayers: Just about any (midi) instrument in 'JAA' needs to be replaced. What's to keep is the atmosphere. Can do? Will join?-)...

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WSAO / Andre Avino 1mo+3dy ago
Hello, what do you guys use to mix bass? I received a file but the bass looks too muddy. I tried compress, eq, fx but nothing is really bringing a bright sound. Any tips? Thanks.

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WSAO / Andre Avino 1mo+12dy ago
Hello! Any bass player with some good slap skills keen to replace the midi / sample bass for this Big Band rock song? It's a version for The Inspector Main Theme - Henry Mancini. If you used to watch Pink Panther you'll remember... Thanks!

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rhythmicdevil / Steven Wright 1mo+17dy ago
Hi bass players. I am looking for a bass line for a song called Conversations with Old Friends. I have provided a MIDI bass track that shows where the bass line starts (02:53), and basically outlines the notes. I normally would not outline the notes, but these were specific to get the harmonies I am looking for. That doesn't mean you can't come up with alternatives, but I'd like you to review what I did to see what I am trying to achieve first. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Demo track Bed track

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WSAO / Andre Avino 1mo+21dy ago
Hi guys, Anyone with a 5 or 6 cords bass to play this song (or someone keen to tune to C) Nothing fancy only replace the midi bass. Thanks!

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Ramlee / Ramlee Oak 2mo+17dy ago
The cheerful insanity.....of modern life

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Elle66 / France Moretti 2mo+20dy ago
Hi! We are looking for a bass player for this track whose time signature is in 6/8. :)

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Ghostbuster1 / Ralph Heijden 3mo+11dy ago
what is missing?

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JustVera / Just Vera 4mo+12dy ago
If possible I'd like to have real drums, bass and guitars. And add vocals... Who's in?

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AceT99 / Tom Ace 4mo+18dy ago
I all I just wonder if someone could help me with a bass track for the attached song idea? Many thanks in advance I would really appreciate if someone likes it and could spare the time contribute something.

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