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DuckyG / Lee Grunwald 1 day ago
How are people recording their live bass riffs? All I do is put my phone next to the amp and hit record, then upload the MP3. Surely there's a way to get a cleaner sound?

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GoYeah / Luc Goyer 7 days ago
Project has been edited and ready for collabs from all ! Use only EDITED mix or seps !! Thanks to all !!! Stay home, save lives

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GoYeah / Luc Goyer 14 days ago
Project while quarantined Bursted this out starting last night Read dashboard please, no one refused Can we make something bigger than this monster ? I am trying with this .....

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JustVera / Just Vera 18 days ago
JUMP! Once upon a time I wrote 'Jump before you touch the ground'. It was one of my favorite pieces, but definitely too long. So I killed most of my darlings. I invite you to check out the result. This radio-edit is just the start though. First of all it needs (lyrics and) VOCALS. And the tune also would benefit from decent live drums, bass and guitars. Anybody around who'd like to jump with me?

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Ghostbuster1 / Ralph Heijden 1mo+20dy ago
Wonder how many people can figure out by ear the bass i am using on below track . No effects used, so clean from the instrument . Tip: its a 5 string.If you guess correctly you earn my eternal respect :)

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B4dRandle / Bad Randle 2mo+6dy ago
Funky backbeat drummer looking for a funky bass player who would like to share ideas and lock in together to lay down some badass grooves. Funk, R&B, Hip Hop, Blues Rock If this sounds like you, hit me up..

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tbase2000 / Tony Hill 2mo+7dy ago
How have I never seen this group before? Neat!

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italo / Italo Crudele 2mo+8dy ago
Here is the track without the bass The BPM is 120 The file starts from 0

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italo / Italo Crudele 2mo+8dy ago
Hello Bassist!!! I have this track on which I played the bass line with a sampled sound. I'd like to hear the sound of real bass. Is there any interested?

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RobAsh15 / Rob Ash 2mo+9dy ago
Would love to get some rockin' bass for this cover of an early Bon Jovi tune... Rhythm guitar is me. Drums are place holder only. Same for keys. I may play another rhythm track unless someone beats me to it. Needs bass, keys, drums, a second rhythm track, and a lead solo, plus an outro solo. If we get that far, and no one has stepped up to sing, I'll give it a crack.

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