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DocDaFunk / JC Beziz 1mo+24dy ago
looking to see if a real bassplayer could fit here


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bassist   commented 1mo+24dy ago

Lots of space here... Sweet!

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DocDaFunk   commented 1mo+24dy ago

Yes , freq-wise and groove-wise

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p-bass-player   commented 1mo+24dy ago

What kind of bass line are you looking for?

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DocDaFunk   commented 1mo+24dy ago

Dunno man i'm not sure about giving directions since maybe someone got the magic recipe i can picture some round & groovy support on the first chord(s) and maybe some soulful slides/hammer on(s)/pull off(s) on the higher octaves in the spaces Not something busy , some soulful-groove But again giving directions when u not a bassplayer can make u miss the ''real thing'' u know? Maybe a lo-fied hypnotic bassline is the game changer? i'm lost