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JustVera / Just Vera 6mo+20dy ago
To anybody... ...with ears and inspiration. Could do with some tight energetic bass playing. (AlexanderK and myself have been working on this one for weeks in creative seclusion. Now it's time to share and put the icing on the cake. Open to any idea/improvement!-). Btw Seps and beds are up...


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RGBass   commented 6mo+19dy ago

Hey! Epic music you two..really nice parts. Curious to know if there was a bass-less track available to play/record along with. I'd be happy to make my own...but seems I can only grab drums but no keys/guitar sep far as I could tell. Again, great song:) I'm sure you'll spark a lot of interest from K-Town bassists with this one. check out SRhangover great heavy tone

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JustVera   commented 6mo+19dy ago

Tnx for the praise. (Looking forward to hear your contribution!-)

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RGBass   commented 6mo+18dy ago

oh there it is...shoulda looked closer! thanks V:)