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dUnEs / d UnEs 1mo+9dy ago
Clearly, this is an idea. A start. Anybody around who'd like to brainstorm with me? Drummers, bass players, guitarists perhaps? Writers? Singers?

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CoreySmith / Corey Smith 2mo+20dy ago
Would love for a solid bass line to be added!

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MonaLove / Mona Zwias 3mo+6dy ago
Dear, I invite you to collaborate with my song:

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rwl6935 / Bob L 4mo+6dy ago
Looking for someone to write lyrics and/or sing on this collaboration. Also looking for Drums, Bass, Keys and Maybe an additional guitar. Jump in if interested. Details are on my project page.

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JustVera / Just Vera 4mo+13dy ago
Pianoplayers, bassplayers and drummers: YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS, CAN'T YOU?! (Also room for other instruments & vocals:-).

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B4dRandle / Bad Randle 7mo+14dy ago
Any old-school Metal/Thrash bass players out there? I have a fun metal song that needs some badass playing. Give it a listen.. Hit me up if you are interested. Thanks

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JarekA / Jarek A 8mo+11dy ago
A 'lil acoustic song idea that I'm throwing out there, hoping some one will pick it up. Needs matching bass, anyone?

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JarekA / Jarek A 9mo+11dy ago
Chris came up with a rather tricky groove to what I originally thought would be a straight forward hard rock/metal song. Would anyone be interested in adding bass, that locks in with the drums? In the clean guitar part I hear fretless bass, but I'm open to other contributions. EDIT: Jim's recorded the bass for the song. Brilliant.

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Vladi / Vladimir Pavlenko 11mo+8dy ago
Hi guys! Looking forward to hear your ideas on this piece Cheers, Vladimir

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DexLoga / Dan Rosati 11mo+12dy ago
I am looking for a bass to lay down the rhythm and there is room if you want to solo. All ideas are welcome!!!!! Best Regards, Dan R

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