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EddyCino / Eduardo Cino 2mo+15dy ago
Hello Kompoz Christian community! I just joined with a fresh track and need help to bring it to life. Hope you will enjoy this song and feel inspired. Looking forward to collaborate!

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 2mo+27dy ago
To those celebrating the miracle and wonder of Easter! This is my absolute favorite song to celebrate this time of year. Just takes the whole story of Easter and tells it in a beautiful way. Even if you're not into heavy metal, I suggest you listen! To let us remember God's grace on this wonderful day. Oh, and I hope you all have a fantastic Easter! :)

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 4mo+20dy ago
A Tuesday night write. All talents welcome and appreciated to contribute. :) I know for some people its more of a cliche than anything, but I truly believe that I wouldn't be here without God's help through the darkest hours of my life. So, just a simple lyric on that concept. Would anyone like to join in? :) Wouldn?t Be Here (Without You) Written by Mike Mantecon I was a prisoner And you set me free I was stuck in these chains Unable to see And like the breath of the wind You took it away And have helped me to live Another day Oh God I owe my life to you Oh God You help me see it through Oh God I now know love that?s true My God, I wouldn?t be here without you I was a lonely heart With a God-shaped hole Looking for something To fill up my soul I went down the wrong roads And was on the brink When you came to my life And rescued me Oh God I owe my life to you Oh God You help me see it through Oh God I now know love that?s true My God, I wouldn?t be here without you I was a wanderer In a foreign land Unable to rest Unable to stand Til I swallowed up My pride and shame And turned back to you, and Called out your name Oh God I owe my life to you Oh God You help me see it through Oh God I now know love that?s true My God, I wouldn?t be here without you Without you?

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Joachim / John Joachim Laland 4mo+27dy ago
Hi. A melody came to my mind today. Not sure whether it's one I've heard before or not. Was wondering if you could listen to a little recording I made, and say if you recognize it? Also, do you think the lyris are ok? "By the way you sing my name, I am moved By the way you help the poor, I am moved By the way you heed my word, I am moved" Have a nice day.

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Joachim / John Joachim Laland 5mo+15dy ago
Hi. I have a little dream of scoring a film about Jesus some day. I don't know where to begin, except that I have some short pieces (works in progress) that could be used. Would need some help developing the pieces, as I have little experience writing counterpoint. I am not thinking of a full length film, unless I found someone who could contribute with their own pieces. I guess scoring a film that's under public domain would be most realistic. Or finding someone who could create a simple stick man animation could do the trick. Do you guys have any ideas how to go about this?

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 6mo+29dy ago
Back in the summer I was drawing out plans for a Christian Concept Album - like most of the things I did during that time it got derailed by events in my life. Finally got back during my winter break to writing. These lyrics are a very rough draft, but they are an example of a project I was thinking about for this group. Definitely need more lyrics to make this five part story into an even longer story, and it needs some tidying up. But maybe - just maybe - this group could create something special from this humble submission. :) I present - the Ambassador in Chains - based on the life of Paul the Apostle (needs more events from the middle of his life, though). The Ambassador in Chains Written by Mike Mantecon I ? Saul and Stephen ?With this very hand And with this very stone I take the life of a heretic A traitor to God?s throne I, the spotless lamb A Pharisee from birth Will take this blasphemy of Christ And rid it from the Earth? Stephen looked towards the sky Feeling his death was nigh And saw the holy son of man Right there at God?s right hand ?Born a noble man A servant to the Lord A zealous student of God?s word To the bible I have sworn I, Saul of Tarsus A terror to all those Who live a life filled deep with sin In heart and soul and bone? Stephen was killed in cold blood Saul approved of all they?d done But even death could not deter The spreading of the holy Word II ? The Road to Damascus Still breathing out hate Clothed as righteousness Saul took upon the journey Up to Damascus To take the children of God Captive by the hand And send to be imprisoned Back in Jerusalem ?I will do an honor In the name of God The name of Saul forever Echoed in heaven?s halls? Little did he know That fate would have its way God would save many souls Through a murderer today To make the children of God Out of the peoples of the Earth By giving a blinded man A second chance and birth He would do an honor In the name of God The name, now Paul, forever Echoed in heaven?s halls Echoed in heaven?s halls? III ? Born Again Suddenly, a flash? Of light from heaven on high The world engulfed in glory Saul looked up to the sky ?Why do you persecute The true spotless lamb Who takes away the sins of all? In my holy name please stand!? ?Who are you Lord?? ?I am Jesus Christ of God.? ?How could have I Ever been so wrong? Why would you save me now? Why would you make me stand?? ?You are now ambassador In chains, to every man.? And in holy mystery God gave a murderer his grace He understands the sins That all of us have faced With Paul, all of us, though we May all think we are clean Might be made to live through Christ Once we?re given eyes to see The creator, savior, and redeemer Of you and me? IV ? A Life for Christ ?There is only one spotless lamb And I?ve been ransomed by his blood He never used his righteousness To catapult above But laid down his life so one like me Who?d been steeped in sin from birth Might be given the chance To finally live again!? Paul became the first and last Just like Jesus Christ before him He traveled the world, a servant to man A new soul living in the same skin A life for Christ? A life for Christ? He put on all the armor of God All that he didn?t deserve So that every man, woman, and child Felt God?s love on Earth ?With this very hand And with this very heart I?ll make the love of God so known It will give the world a new start? Paul became the first and last Just like Jesus Christ before him He traveled the world, a servant to man A new soul living in the same skin A life for Christ? A life for Christ? A life for Christ! V ? The Ambassador in Chains Paul looked down towards his hands Feeling death before him The same circumstance he once Put a believer in He had shared the gift of love Been given what was not deserved And changed so many lives Through the gift of Christ Now an Ambassador in Chains To the gospel of God The world may never know him But all who do will drink his blood And live again? (C) 2018 Mike Mantecon

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USAsongwriter / Daniel Lee Williams 7mo+17dy ago
One of the songs I have written that kinda sorta got forgotten about...MY FAULT...but at the top of my list now to continue working on. A very BIG thanks to Rod Smith (thatcat)for making it possible to take this from it's horrible, horrible, horrible initial vocal guide to it's current stage. Not officially finished yet...but still a decent listen I think :)

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ShannonB / Shannon Bannister 7mo+22dy ago
Hey Guys! So I just started a spin-off of Peter Rand's "Carol" and I could really use your help making it special. I don't have much time, as it is a Christmas song. Anyone interested?

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 7mo+23dy ago
So where do I begin? lol... I guess I should start with an apology. For those of you who know me, I have been on this site for four years. Each of those years have seemed to bring more outside commitments and less time on Kompoz. This last year has especially been a whirlwind, with my grandfather passing away, my family selling our house, new college, new commitments, new locality. And thus I have definitely over-extended myself. Several times I even committed/initiated projects here on this group and left them abandoned. And as I am currently on hiatus from Kompoz, I would like to apologize to anyone here in this group and on the site in general I've left hanging. I believe I was given a gift with words for much more than I'm using it for now. And while I have currently down-graded my workload to just working on private projects, at least from now until my winter break ends I'd like to make an exception: this group. I know ShannonB and others have been interested in giving this group a burst of activity. I'd like to honestly commit to that as well. Life is settling down. I have new stories to tell. And I feel those stories are hard for me to tell on a purely secular level. Since my faith has been such a huge part of my story. If anyone is interested, I would love to collaborate with them on this basis: creating deeply religious and spiritual songs, in any style, for any purpose. I will be posting lyrics here and seeing what attention it attracts. As I am also busy catching up on other projects that I've neglected this year, please be patient with me. But I will definitely be reasonable! God bless you all - this will be the new hub of my (public) activity on this site for now. If we can't gain some traction, that's fine. But I would hope that I would be able to get some people aboard to work on such music with me - music with a deeper purpose. :)

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ShannonB / Shannon Bannister 8mo+6dy ago
Welcome Navigator!

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