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USAsongwriter / Daniel Lee Williams 5mo+11dy ago
Still working on adding the bass guitar...and cleaning up/re-singing the vocals. Drums are about as good as I can get them not being a mixing expert. Hope the song will provide some inspiration to those needing it during these definitely confusing times!

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USAsongwriter / Daniel Lee Williams 5mo+16dy ago
Looking for drums for this :)

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beauknowsdiddly / Linwood Beau Beaudry 7mo+5dy ago
Hey Everyone! 2nd day on Kompoz and searching through the groups this is obviously where this tune belongs! I just started learning piano and liked this little simple melody, so I put some words to it. First song ever! I'm no musician, so please any advice at all would be awesome. Add anything you'd like or just let me know what you think! Thank you All and have a great day!! Beau

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Psalmist / Joy Whittemore 7mo+21dy ago
Hello my brother and sisters, I need some help with bringing my lyrics to life. Therefore, I need your help with collaborating. 1. Confidence in His Love 2. Strength in Him, is in Me 3. Virtuous Woman 4. Criminal of Faith 5. He's Calling Me Thank you for your consideration and help, as I greatly appreciate it. Blessings.

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JenCarie / Jennifer Carie 10 months ago
Hello my brothers and sisters! I don't know about you, but I've been listening to so much worship music lately. It is healing me and getting me through these times. I would LOVE to know what are some of your favorites?? :)) <3

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Manii / Emanuel Cino 1 year ago
Looking for drums and bass to make a solid foundation on this beautiful gospel-spinoff :) The post here is just to have an idea but we would like soft drums and a good bass track more on timing. Thanks for your help!

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USAsongwriter / Daniel Lee Williams 1yr+1mo ago
Here's something Rod Smith and myself did recently...after a very long hiatus from the project that lasted a few years to say the least lol. Hope you enjoy it :)

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InterimWorshipBand / Joe Barsuglia 1yr+1mo ago
Any piano players out there?

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mitchell23 / William Mitchell 1yr+1mo ago
Looking to do a traditional hymn, but with some type of minor twist, maybe a little Jazz, Neo-Soul, Blues guitar? The piano in the current track is midi, would love to have a live person play this.

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InterimWorshipBand / Joe Barsuglia 1yr+2mo ago
Looking for vocals on this project..

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