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ecino / Emanuel Cino 1mo+3dy ago
Looking for drums and bass to make a solid foundation on this beautiful gospel-spinoff :) The post here is just to have an idea but we would like soft drums and a good bass track more on timing. Thanks for your help!

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InterimWorshipBand / Joe Barsuglia 2mo+2dy ago
Any piano players out there?

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mitchell23 / William Mitchell 2mo+11dy ago
Looking to do a traditional hymn, but with some type of minor twist, maybe a little Jazz, Neo-Soul, Blues guitar? The piano in the current track is midi, would love to have a live person play this.

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InterimWorshipBand / Joe Barsuglia 3mo+3dy ago
Looking for vocals on this project..

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EddyCino / Eduardo Cino 9mo+23dy ago
Hello Kompoz Christian community! I just joined with a fresh track and need help to bring it to life. Hope you will enjoy this song and feel inspired. Looking forward to collaborate!

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ofLions / joshua jenkins 1yr+11mo ago
Anybody interested in recording some vocals? i have some lyrics and part of a song. im still working on it, but am curios if anybodys interested. lyrics are in the description.

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 1yr+12mo ago
Hello Everybody. :) This may sound pretty specific, but are there any singers here who feel like they could tackle a Christian Heavy Metal project? Male or female doesn't matter, and you don't have to be super-experienced in metal - as long as you can make something that sounds nice with the music and glorifies God. ;) Take a listen to the project, and if you feel moved please let me know and I'll send you the lyrics and invite you to the project. We'd love someone who could collaborate with us in the long-term and make a "band." Excited to hear from you guys! - MikeJM

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ShannonB / Shannon Bannister 2 years ago
Anyone female vocalist here want to help me finish The Road Home? It has a good start, but I'm having a problem getting the vocals done. Thanks!

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ShannonB / Shannon Bannister 2yr+1mo ago
Hey, can anyone help me out with this one? :)

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