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Redfish / Redfish Bluefish 1mo+6dy ago
A musician and lawyer has used an algorithm to generate every possible melody in an attempt to end music copyright lawsuit claims. Working with programmer Noah Rubin, Damien Riehl built software capable of generating 300,000 melodies each second, creating a catalogue of 68 billion 8-note melodies. The melodies were then copyrighted and released into the public domain in the hope of stifling litigious musicians.

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WillaWay / WillaWay Studio 3mo+18dy ago
I have been trying to find answers but to no avail, so I'd like to ask some of my fellow Kompozers some questions revolving around my music. (the things I'm asking about does not include my work here on Kompoz, they are purely solo projects I work on in my spare time) :::The dilemma is as follows--- I'd like to share my music with others and let them use it in their own works, eg: letting someone use my music as background music for their Youtube video etc. As of now I use a creative commons license, this one . The issue here however is that if an individual uses my music in a video, on a platform like Youtube, under the mentioned license, their video cannot earn revenue. If I choose to use a license such as this one - then they can earn money from their videos, but I fear that if several people used one of my pieces of music on different videos it may end in a dispute as Youtube issues copyright infringement claims if you use a song that is being used by someone else. I don't want deal with a dispute nor would I want anyone else to. TL:DR, How can I give my music to others without running into legal "roadblocks." If this is not the place for such a discussion by all means let me know and I'll promptly delete

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YANNKIF / yann kif 3mo+23dy ago
And that's what, admin do the housework !!! I would not post anything before that ...

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MTFever / Embers Flurry 4mo+19dy ago
I very recently had a user post my draft song on SoundCloud (publicly) under the guise of "collaborating." When I asked him to take it down off SoundCloud, he refused. He later took it down but reposted it as his own work. SoundCloud helped me with it, but Kompoz wont answer my notes. This user also left a pretty hostile note on the track discussion. Any ideas on how to get Kompoz to take action (or take interest)? I am super frustrated and concerned that this guy is going to steal my other copyrighted songs and post them as his own.

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ValShal / Alfonso PeNa 10mo+20dy ago
Hi!!! I just marked as finished my first collaboration Does anyone know what is the way for the distribution of rights between collaborators?

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ValShal / Alfonso PeNa 1yr+1mo ago
Hi!! Anyone know if I am writing and I publish a song in kompoz if I can later release it in the social networks: spotify, soundcloud, itunes ...?

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Broke / Robert Bro 1yr+7mo ago
If i have collaborated on a number of songs with different artist....can i create a demo CD show casing my abilities ...and offering to such artists that i have collaborated with? this copy right infringement ?

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Mykk / Mykk Freeman 1yr+12mo ago
I am still confused on something. If I create a spin-off and allow others to use the music I wrote originally, aren't i basically changing the status to 'Creative Commons"

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yannkifer / yann kifer 3yr+5mo ago Berne Convention Implementation Act of 1988 to give you the keys to the protection of your works. Read the Berne convention. Try typing your name on google, and you see it, surely your music or text, published and sold, without your consent. It is indeed very difficult to protect his works. any unwanted or pests, will find always funny to plunder your works. Good reading Yann

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lingah85 / Linga Sjoqvist 4yr+2mo ago
i don´t understand the licens coywrite thing?what should i choose if i want collaborators to share the percent of the song and it could be used commersial?

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