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Broke / Robert Bro 4mo+11dy ago
If i have collaborated on a number of songs with different artist....can i create a demo CD show casing my abilities ...and offering to such artists that i have collaborated with? this copy right infringement ?

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Mykk / Mykk Freeman 9mo+9dy ago
I am still confused on something. If I create a spin-off and allow others to use the music I wrote originally, aren't i basically changing the status to 'Creative Commons"

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yannkifer / yann kifer 2yr+2mo ago Berne Convention Implementation Act of 1988 to give you the keys to the protection of your works. Read the Berne convention. Try typing your name on google, and you see it, surely your music or text, published and sold, without your consent. It is indeed very difficult to protect his works. any unwanted or pests, will find always funny to plunder your works. Good reading Yann

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lingah85 / Linga Sjoqvist 2yr+11mo ago
i don´t understand the licens coywrite thing?what should i choose if i want collaborators to share the percent of the song and it could be used commersial?

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BockieR / Boki R 3yr+4mo ago
Original colab is so bizarre. All files are archived, out of sync, ... edited and reuploaded bu Andrew, but still slightly out. After all, it's on SoundBlend As cherry on the top, Zac is out of deal cause economic reasons ?! Someone can tel me what's going on? Please

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BockieR / Boki R 3yr+4mo ago
I'm confused. who pay to whom on kompoz? - in all rights reserved & in CC kolaborations if song is sale on soundblend and if song is sale on any other site :

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Abstract / Craig Ikerd 3yr+10mo ago
Just read this - seems helpful and an easy read .... "Copyright Essentials: 5 things every musician should know"

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FromDeathToAngelsBand / jj mcs 3yr+10mo ago
For all of you who wanna do a PRIVATE cover song collaboration you might find this quote helpful "Copyright disclaimer under section 107 of the copyright act of 1971, allowance is made for "Fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use that is use permitted by copyright statue that might otherwise be infringing. Non profit, education or personal use tips the favor for fair use. My uploads are for educational purposes and not to alter nor do I claim copyright ownership of thses uploaded tracks or material. Any tips lyrics or tracks are for educational purposes and is copyrighted by there prospective owners!"

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shellofme / chad everest 3yr+10mo ago
I know this topic has come up in the past but, I can't find it anymore. I have a song that I hope to send to Sound blend soon. It has two spoken word movie quotes in it. I downloaded these files from a site (I can't find anymore) created from students of sound engineering. They were listed as free audio files. Not that I expect to make a million dollars off this song but, just in case I do, How do I go about paying for the use of the audio files. One is from the movie "The Fly" and the other is from "Rambo first blood". Some people say I won't need to worry about it but, others say I should pay royalties. Any thoughts out there?

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spawn2031 / Dustin Owens 3yr+11mo ago
Hey guys, new member here (fresh meat) and I am completely new to the copyright definitions and splits among musicians. Can someone provide a link to where they are all defined? I am planning on putting together a standing internet band and I have a ton of music/ lyrics that I will be putting up once I have everything in order to do so. I want to be completely fair to those that contribute and am curious if there is a standard split that most people expect to see on here? From what I have read I see that it is completely negotiable but just as much as I want to be fair and make sure everyone gets paid (if there is money to be had at all) I also want to make sure that I am not getting taken advantage of as well by someone that knows more than I do. I am personally not really looking to make boatloads of cash here. I am doing this for fun but on the off chance that one of the songs does hit or something, I want to make sure that all of my ducks are in a row before its too late to change things or agree to something that I shouldn't. You know, the same stuff that every musician here probably worries about :)

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