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Harpline / Peter harp 29 days ago
In answer to lifeguardlloyd's question, yes, I have just recently moved to CB10 and would have to say I am NOT happy at all. There have been several issues which I have managed to "get around" no thanks to Steinberg but the biggest I am currently trying to fix is to do with a massive time lag with the GUI. I upgraded from 9.04 which was almost perfect but I was tempted by the additions offered in 10. An example of just one of the problems: Open a new project accept all default settings and don't load anything so that, in theory everything should be working 'normally', except if I try scrolling the main window to the right using the mouse and the scroll bar on the window nothing happens for approx 3 - 4 sec. Same with selecting a new track or opening a plugin. Its as though there is something running in the background taking away all the resources, which obviously I have checked and nothing else is running. I have 6GB of RAM, running on Win 10 and ALL drivers on everything are up-to-date. This, 'apparently' is an issue with CB but Steinberg don't seem to be too bothered. luckily I did not delete 9.04. Looks like I might have to go back to it unless anybody has any ideas of how to fix this???

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lifeguardlloyd / Lloyd Plueschow 3mo+18dy ago
Looks a bit abandoned here. I have gone to CB 10. The two new cool features I love are the pitch correction which (IMHO) makes AutoTune a thing of the past and the vocal track alignment. I love a great deal more but these jump out. Anyone else moved to CB 10? Opinions? L

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phraser / John Guitar 1yr+4mo ago
New updates for: Cubase 9.5 HALion 6 Halion Sonic 3.1.0 Wavelab Elements

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RGBass / Rob Glass 1yr+7mo ago
Hi Folks! Tech question here for any of our experts... When Cubase reports the latency of my setup(ex 6.12ms as found in one of the settings/menus), will it automatically correct for this? Or do I have to manually adjust the -offset of the recording? Just trying to have what I play come out as close as possible in the recording as far as timing..Cheers All:)

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DandyDaleSongs / Dale Nelson 2yr+2mo ago
I am trying to take an existing recording and increase the tempo. In am looking in Cubase help and I can't figure it out. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Harpline / Peter harp 2yr+6mo ago
Anybody actually taken the plunge and bought CB 9 yet? Looked at a whole bunch of vids now and have to say....... nothing is really 'floating my boat' thus far. So for $99 is this gonna fly? Apparently Steinberg have already released 9.0.1 to fix a few 'bugs'.

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artartart / Brian Hanson 2yr+9mo ago
While my studio is all packed away following a house move and before I can get my studio up and running again I thought I'd be clever and use a temporary quick set up for ideas. So I have my Kawai acoustic/electric piano with midi in and out to connect to a Roland UM1 USB midi interface, the USB of that to connect to an apple lightning to usb3 camera adaptor and the lightning plug of that to connect to my iPad running Cubasis 2. So that may work - but I'm a little scared to try the next bit - which is to plug a USB charging cable into the camera adaptor - to power the iPad. Does anyone know if this is safe? Is there any danger of sending odd voltages through the system to upset/destroy/bugger up the piano? This could be a very useful set up for a few months - but I'm wary of trying it.

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shivshivshiv / Shiv Singh 2yr+12mo ago
I just got an upgrade from cubase 8 to 8.5 for $29 -- there is a sale at Steinberg. Really enjoying this new Retrologue 2. I know I hate paying for an upgrade every six months but this is quite reasonable ...

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RGBass / Rob Glass 3yr+4mo ago
Greetings sound gurus. Question. Do All Digital Audio Workstations let you align tracks accurately by visually zooming in on the peaks and valleys of the sync waveform? As we all know already, it just takes a few milliseconds to render a groove, groove-less so I've always been a touch nervous as to how well lined up the seps will become.If I knew that the cheaper DAWS, for example, didn't have this feature I would probably tend to stray away from projects that use it. No problems on Kpoz thus far... except this one time I was shifted over to right an entire 16th note:)

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 3yr+4mo ago
The last version of Cubase I worked with was Cubase 5 Studio. That version seems to run ok on mac from what I hear. I have a whole bunch of material in Cubase 5 (not Studio) that I worked on years ago.. I am now a Apple "Logic guy" mainly but I am interested in this forum just to see what is happening since I invested so much $ and energy into material in Cubase.

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