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pabloikn / pablo andres garcia perez 6mo+13dy ago in some tracks I still have the same problem, more information of the most understood please, thanks

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phraser / John Guitar 2yr+12mo ago
New updates for: Cubase 9.5 HALion 6 Halion Sonic 3.1.0 Wavelab Elements

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RGBass / Rob Glass 3yr+3mo ago
Hi Folks! Tech question here for any of our experts... When Cubase reports the latency of my setup(ex 6.12ms as found in one of the settings/menus), will it automatically correct for this? Or do I have to manually adjust the -offset of the recording? Just trying to have what I play come out as close as possible in the recording as far as timing..Cheers All:)

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artartart / Brian Hanson 4yr+4mo ago
While my studio is all packed away following a house move and before I can get my studio up and running again I thought I'd be clever and use a temporary quick set up for ideas. So I have my Kawai acoustic/electric piano with midi in and out to connect to a Roland UM1 USB midi interface, the USB of that to connect to an apple lightning to usb3 camera adaptor and the lightning plug of that to connect to my iPad running Cubasis 2. So that may work - but I'm a little scared to try the next bit - which is to plug a USB charging cable into the camera adaptor - to power the iPad. Does anyone know if this is safe? Is there any danger of sending odd voltages through the system to upset/destroy/bugger up the piano? This could be a very useful set up for a few months - but I'm wary of trying it.

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shivshivshiv / Shiv Singh 4yr+7mo ago
I just got an upgrade from cubase 8 to 8.5 for $29 -- there is a sale at Steinberg. Really enjoying this new Retrologue 2. I know I hate paying for an upgrade every six months but this is quite reasonable ...

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phraser / John Guitar 5yr+6mo ago
Steady everyone - Steinberg (Cubase) are warning users to stay off Windows 10 for the time being. This gives accurate product guidance:

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artartart / Brian Hanson 5yr+7mo ago
The tempo detection feature in Cubase Pro 8 got me interested in finally upgrading from Cubase Studio 4 - so I'm evaluating a 1 month demo. Looks good so far - but maybe 'cos I'm cutting corners and trying the Tempo detection and not starting at the beginning I've hit a problem. Various video tutorials get me so far but in trying to go to Audio - Advanced - Set tempo from event etc all these options are greyed out and I can't work out why. Any ideas? Thanks.

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artartart / Brian Hanson 5yr+8mo ago
I have a question about computers - I am considering making a big leap from Cubase Studio 4 to Cubase 8 Pro. Studio 4 is running well on a PC - (Windows XP Intel Core (TM) 2 Quad CPU 2.40 GHz 2.0GB of RAM) but I have the option of alternatively running the new software on a Mac (OSX Version 10.9.5 Processor 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3). If you understand what all these specifications mean and imply about the relative performance likely on either machine I would appreciate some advice. Thanks in advance. Brian

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