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riboslav / Sinisa Petric 10 days ago
Hi, Is it possible to record rhythm /metronome track in Cubase AI? I've got this piece of software with my Steinberg ur22c audio interface.

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phraser / John Guitar 5mo+19dy ago
Ver 11 is latest

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lifeguardlloyd / Lloyd Plueschow 8mo+13dy ago
So, who has moved to 10.5?

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beethonin / Tony Munoz 8mo+24dy ago
Hi all. How do you work to create a song? Let me explain myself, I only play the keyboard so to make the arrangements of drums and electric guitars I have to write each note and I never reach the satisfactory result or it consumes me too much time. How do you do it? I put it in this group because my DAW is Cubase Elements 8. Thank you very much.

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pabloikn / pablo andres garcia perez 10mo+8dy ago in some tracks I still have the same problem, more information of the most understood please, thanks

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YANNKIF / yann kif 1yr+4mo ago Free ,but for a limited time, hurry, download it

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Harpline / Peter harp 1yr+12mo ago
In answer to lifeguardlloyd's question, yes, I have just recently moved to CB10 and would have to say I am NOT happy at all. There have been several issues which I have managed to "get around" no thanks to Steinberg but the biggest I am currently trying to fix is to do with a massive time lag with the GUI. I upgraded from 9.04 which was almost perfect but I was tempted by the additions offered in 10. An example of just one of the problems: Open a new project accept all default settings and don't load anything so that, in theory everything should be working 'normally', except if I try scrolling the main window to the right using the mouse and the scroll bar on the window nothing happens for approx 3 - 4 sec. Same with selecting a new track or opening a plugin. Its as though there is something running in the background taking away all the resources, which obviously I have checked and nothing else is running. I have 6GB of RAM, running on Win 10 and ALL drivers on everything are up-to-date. This, 'apparently' is an issue with CB but Steinberg don't seem to be too bothered. luckily I did not delete 9.04. Looks like I might have to go back to it unless anybody has any ideas of how to fix this???

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lifeguardlloyd / Lloyd Plueschow 2yr+2mo ago
Looks a bit abandoned here. I have gone to CB 10. The two new cool features I love are the pitch correction which (IMHO) makes AutoTune a thing of the past and the vocal track alignment. I love a great deal more but these jump out. Anyone else moved to CB 10? Opinions? L

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phraser / John Guitar 3yr+4mo ago
New updates for: Cubase 9.5 HALion 6 Halion Sonic 3.1.0 Wavelab Elements

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RGBass / Rob Glass 3yr+6mo ago
Hi Folks! Tech question here for any of our experts... When Cubase reports the latency of my setup(ex 6.12ms as found in one of the settings/menus), will it automatically correct for this? Or do I have to manually adjust the -offset of the recording? Just trying to have what I play come out as close as possible in the recording as far as timing..Cheers All:)

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