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Harpline / Peter harp 5yr+6mo ago
Well I couldn't wait any longer, I took the plunge and upgraded to Win 10. I have 2 immediate problems but both linked I think. The first one involves the size of everything. All the windows are about 1/3 bigger. All the text is 1/3 bigger. The Transpot Panel is about twice as big. How do you resize them? The next problem is the windows themselves. They are not docking. You can push the Transport Panel right off the screen and the VST Panel is way too big, almost half the screen. I may not be able to live with this.....................

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Uygar / Uygar Rollas 5yr+6mo ago
Firewire fix for Windows 10 If you have droputs from your firewire card....

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phraser / John Guitar 5yr+6mo ago
Steady everyone - Steinberg (Cubase) are warning users to stay off Windows 10 for the time being. This gives accurate product guidance:

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Uygar / Uygar Rollas 5yr+7mo ago
Just updated Windows 10 to latest release 10240. I had some firewire problems with the previous releases. This one is the final version of Windows that will be released at of July. All problems gone. Cubase 64 bit works like a charm...

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artartart / Brian Hanson 5yr+7mo ago
The tempo detection feature in Cubase Pro 8 got me interested in finally upgrading from Cubase Studio 4 - so I'm evaluating a 1 month demo. Looks good so far - but maybe 'cos I'm cutting corners and trying the Tempo detection and not starting at the beginning I've hit a problem. Various video tutorials get me so far but in trying to go to Audio - Advanced - Set tempo from event etc all these options are greyed out and I can't work out why. Any ideas? Thanks.

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artartart / Brian Hanson 5yr+8mo ago
I have a question about computers - I am considering making a big leap from Cubase Studio 4 to Cubase 8 Pro. Studio 4 is running well on a PC - (Windows XP Intel Core (TM) 2 Quad CPU 2.40 GHz 2.0GB of RAM) but I have the option of alternatively running the new software on a Mac (OSX Version 10.9.5 Processor 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3). If you understand what all these specifications mean and imply about the relative performance likely on either machine I would appreciate some advice. Thanks in advance. Brian

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Harpline / Peter harp 5yr+8mo ago
Can somebody check this for me please? Cubase 8.0.20 on Win 7 64 Open a new empty project, press F11, or, select 'InstrumentRack' from the Devices menu. Does the program crash with an error message - "save your data and close the prog". Mine does.

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Uygar / Uygar Rollas 5yr+9mo ago
I want to share an experience with you. Normally I was using the Cubase default mp3 encoder that is the Fraunhofer. I was encouraged to use the lame encoder by a mixing engineer Whom I know from gearslutz forum. The workflow is export track with the default resolution of your project without dithering. Then use Razorlame to convert it to mp3. He told me Lame encoder is very good at adding noise so the result will be more detailed. I tried this and found my ending mp3 sounding really different from the Cubase encoded one. Though I am in doubt I am really hearing a difference :) Please give feedback If you use the lame encoder or try it after this post... RazorLame :

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RichColeman / Rich Coleman 5yr+10mo ago
"We are very happy to announce that we have received the 2015 Keys award for Best Sequencer with #Cubase Pro 8 and the best iPad Music App with #Cubasis. Don?t forget to visit us Musikmesse booth 78 hall 5.1 and check them out!" - Steinberg

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marshall2550 / Michael Roe 5yr+11mo ago
Long time Presonus Studio One Pro user here. I just came by a vid which says the new version of Cubase " Pro 8 " has this thing called "Tempo detection" and /or "Midi Tempo detection". In the vid they take a midi track which was not played to a click and with the "tempo detection" match the grid to that unclicked piece. I am absolutely stocked. I have been wondering why this sort of thing has not been done before?????? it would be great to start a song out playing my own groove and make the dam computer follow me, since I am the master, not it!!! I tried to get Presonus to do something similar but no one there could understand what I was talking about. Duh!!!! So, have any of you Cubase users tried this feature and do you have any comments on how it works. Also how big of a learning curve do you think it would be going from Studio One to Cubase Pro 8 and never having used Cubase before.

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