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ArcaneOrchestra / Jeff Spring 5yr+11mo ago
I created a blank project template for Cubase 8.05 (the latest) for song writing on Kompoz. You will find it in the Files section of this group. The BPM is set to 120 in 4/4 and it has 2 bars of pre-roll before song starts for your custom sync tone. The template contains the following items. 1 Ruler Track - This track is set to seconds and sits right under the default ruler markers. 1 Marker Track - A marker track with 4 example markers 1 Folder Track - This Folder Track is called Song Data and it should be closed so open it to see the contents. The folder contains the following items. 1 Transpose track - Useful for trying out key changes 1 Signature track - stores time signature changes 1 Tempo track - stores tempo changes 1 Arranger track - contains 4 example song sections 1 Chord Track - contains 4 example chord changes in C Major 1 Instrument Track - This track uses a groove agent VST that's setup with some MIDI data to create a guide track to export time and tempo changes to other DAWs and/or create a custom sync tone for the project.

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Uygar / Uygar Rollas 5yr+12mo ago
Anyone used Cubase 8.* on Windows 10?

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Harpline / Peter harp 5yr+12mo ago
Just upgraded to 8 from 7.5. Too soon to identify major 'obstacles' however, I do have 2 MAJOR issues which, as of this thread, I can say I definitely do NOT like. The first is when opening a new project. I am faced with 2 separate windows. The main one is as I would expect a blank project waiting for me to populate it with tracks/VST instruments etc. The main problem is there is no menu bar at the top of this window. Instead a completely separate (stupid) thin, containing the the menus items is across the top of the screen, and to make matters worse this is 'undocked' so moves all over the place. Now I know that you can click on 'full screen and the bar docks with the main screen, but, when I close the program down or minimize the main screen the top bar, and the transport bar remain on the desk top. I have to close the program down by closing this bar as well. The second big bug bear concerns the top bar again. This time because when the 2 windows merge after going full screen the menu items seem to overlap. If I select 'Help' the 'Window' menu opens. Also, the last item on the menu - 'Steinberg Hub' does not open or do anything at all. I really, really hope these are the only things I will find. And yes, I do have the very latest 8.0.2 version.

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RichColeman / Rich Coleman 5yr+12mo ago

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Scouser / Joe Murphy 5yr+12mo ago
Looking for a someone to work with who is good with midi..

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RichColeman / Rich Coleman 5yr+12mo ago
Cubase Pro 8 verdict from +Computer Music Magazine: "Cubase Pro 8's innovative new features and smoother performance represent a further step forward for this superb DAW."

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leesharp / Lee Sharp 6yr+1mo ago
Is pro 8 quicker at loading etc. like they say it is.

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RichColeman / Rich Coleman 6yr+1mo ago
8.05 Maintenance update is out:

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Harpline / Peter harp 6yr+2mo ago
Just to confirm............ did you upgrade from 7.5 ?

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RichColeman / Rich Coleman 6yr+2mo ago
Upgraded to Cubase 8 today. Worth it. Also seems pretty solid so far.

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