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artartart / Brian Hanson 6yr+6mo ago
Anyone got any experience of "East West Silver Symphonic Orchestra" sample library? I have this running on cubase studio 4 for several years playing through something called "Kontakt" - which is now apparently not supported and I am supposed to get better results and support with something called "Play". Have downloaded this but have no idea at all how to make it work - and the manual is about as much use as (insert favourite derogatory metaphor here.) I've never fiddled about with plug ins and samples before - original library was set up by the dealer in 2007/8 - and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do to get this to work. have not as yet replied to my support request. Thanks for any help.

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NoisyLingus / Fab - 6yr+7mo ago
Does anyone know how to use time stretching and grid with Cubase ? I'd like to improve my skills with this technique save me time with edition. Cheers,

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DocDaFunk / JC Beziz 6yr+8mo ago
anyone got some tips on how to detect the bpm on Cubase5?

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Funkstein / Ivan Zich 6yr+9mo ago
Hi Mark, what is your souncard ?

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markmckinley / Mark McKinley 6yr+9mo ago
Hey guys, I have Cubase Elements 7 and I ran into a problem. Ive been messing with VST plugins for my guitar sound lately, and Ive been multi-tracking and I noticed that Cubase REALLY boggs down if I have more than 8 tracks using VST plugins. To the point that even on playback its almost impossible to listen to it. Is there a way I can automate turning the plugins on and off for tracks that only have a few bars or a way to boost Cubase performance? I have a pretty high end pc, with an FX8350 processor and 8 gigs of ram, neither of which are maxed out when it freaks out. :/

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LastWords / Josh Jones 6yr+9mo ago
So I upgraded to Cubase 7 Producer last fall, (from LE 5). I have the latest update installed and I still get drop outs, often...Could this be my cheap tascam us-1800 interface? Or is this one of the bugs in Cubase...

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VocalRun / Vocal Run 6yr+9mo ago
Steiny CI-2 with Mixcraft, bc that key thing on Cubase is too much of a hassle and so is tracking vocals. Needless to say, half the nobs on the box do not respond, but hey...idc.

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MHBY / M H 6yr+9mo ago
Hey guys, I'm using old cubase 5, looking to upgrade now as I am officially a student again so can get discount. Played around with cubase for about 3 years but still learning. I found some great tutorials on YouTube for little tips I never knew. Also give me a shout for VSTi's.

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LastWords / Josh Jones 6yr+9mo ago
Hello fellow Cubase users! I just now found the group section of Kompoz...Pretty cool.

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phraser / John Guitar 6yr+9mo ago
Good to see it back

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