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rhythmicdevil / Steven Wright 8 hours ago
Progressives Steps to Syncopation is one of the most useful books I have ever owned for drums. I've had it for 20 years and I still find new ways to use it. http://student.drumschooltwenterand.nl/drumschool/clemenskerssies/2015-2016/Ted%20Reed%20-%20Progressive%20Steps%20To%20Syncopation.pdf

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JB2012 / Jorge Paulo 1 day ago
I posted this yesterday, but I deleted it because I needed to edit the mix. Looking for drummer. Thanks

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dwfreak / Chris Bouchard 2 days ago
How about Will Kennedy, this cat played with The Yellow Jackets. Little quiz for fellow drummers, find out who is sitting in the crowd he his also a great drummer bit more hip hop. You see him twice in the video pretty easy to recognize as I did easily. Let me know if you find him. Also what is the brand of those beautiful drums, see if you get it... Enjoy.

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dwfreak / Chris Bouchard 3 days ago
Unusual drumset if you ask but what a great drummer. Full kit with only cymbals with the great Terry Bozzio. Enjoy.

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BergR / Ryan Berg 13 days ago
Sometimes you get asked to do some different gig's that turn into a lot of fun.

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jannik / Jannik Gade 16 days ago
Hard to find time for kompoz at the moment but here's a AC/DC inspired tune I brewed up. Looking for some simple but groovy drums (what would Phil Rudd do??). I've made a midi track to give y'all an idea :)

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NunoW / Nuno Wolfgang 23 days ago
If anyone wants to shoot this song :))), go ahead.

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ondjpayn / Andrew P 29 days ago
This is Dennis Chambers in 1989. Early days but shows just how talented he is - superior speed, skill and precision - AND THE GUY IS WEARING A SUIT. Just see how fast he is playing those cymbals . A TRUE master. Almost makes we want to give up !! Hope you all enjoy. cheers

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dwfreak / Chris Bouchard 30 days ago
Wassup drummers, not much activity in the group Kfriends. Let's get some inspiration here. I'll start... Some Mike Portnoy for Friday night delight, some prog rock drummer who as been on the scene for quite a while. Dream Theater was his main scene then after he quit the band and had many other projects with great musicians. Last coming is with The Winery Dogs. On this video with Dream Theater he had 2 kits to have fun with and sponsored by Tama and Sabian. Anyway hope you enjoy and share the flame. Cheers. Chris.

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JarekA / Jarek A 2mo+22dy ago
Can you help me finish this tune?

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