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JustVera / Just Vera 26 days ago
I had hoped I could rebuild my miditrack from the bass up. Guess what? No response from the bassfront. It still isn't too late, but I'm opening up to ANYBODY now who feels inspired to create a Wonder-like jazz/funk/pop tune. All seps and bedtracks are up. Bassplayers, drummers, guitarists, harmonicaplayers, clavinettists, songwriters and vocalists: I'm all ears!-).

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JustVera / Just Vera 29 days ago
Steve Winwood did it once. Oasis wasn't bad. But 'Roll with it' by JustVera is something else... BrotherRat at his best. Both lyrically -parental advisory- and vocally. With the help of liljoe6string and blaze345 of course. Three minutes of powerpop with a wink. Just love it.

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Mykk / Mykk Freeman 30 days ago
hard and heavy drumming required. any takers PM me Thanks

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KimNobleMusic / Kim Noble 2mo+17dy ago
Hi Sticks Guys and Gals--I've got a rejected audition that I'd really really LOVE to make into a super dance//house dance tune--and YES, I attempt to some sing-song rapping(ish). I'd love to get this to a point to share it "out there" at one point... I think it could be a very fun tune!! :) :) Anyway--VOX (drumless-ish) only in the files

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ramsinghelijah20 / Elijah Ramsingh 3mo+29dy ago
Looking for a electronic drum pattern that is about 100 bpm, and I already got the vocals and keyboard set up, just looking for electronic drum pattern that is about 100 bpm almost like a tech house drum pattern, just hoping someone could help me out a little bit.

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JarekA / Jarek A 5mo+10dy ago
Looking for acoustic drums for this tune.

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jannik / Jannik Gade 5mo+13dy ago
MONSTER DRUMMER WANTED!! Looking for a serious hard hitting drummer with a flair for juggling odd time signatures in addition to having a great rock feel! Please let me know if anyone knows a drummer to fit this description! :)

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RichBeeley / Rich Bee 5mo+16dy ago
Looking for tight driving drums similar to " A girl like you" by Edwin Collins

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JustVera / Just Vera 5mo+18dy ago
Maaaaaaannn... ...does Bill McCarthy perform convincingly on 'Every dog has its day'. His drums definitely helped to take this old tune of mine to the next level. Btw There are three different versions. Interested to hear them ALL? Check out http://justvera.com/ Note to self: embrace the talent and power of fellow musicians. Enjoy!

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