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LithiumChris / Chris S 1 day ago
Hello drummers, I'm getting curious about low volume drumming. Does anyone have experience with kits set up with Silentstroke mesh heads and Zildjian L80 low volume cymbals? I've seen the videos and the volume does appear to be much lower than a standard kit. But I wonder how well is the volume balanced between the drums and cymbals? Do the low volume options actually sound good? Are those hole-y cymbals durable? Is the snare sensitivity there - can you effectively play jazzy stuff on the snare, or it really just for hard hits? Will appreciate your impressions of such a setup. I'm debating getting back into drumming, but normal drums are going to be too loud and disruptive to the rest of the family. An electronic kit could be an alternative, but I'd rather keep it dumb and acoustic if a low volume acoustic kit sounds all right. Thanks!

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Redfish / Tony Gee 15 days ago
looking for a Bill/Billi Ward(ette) for this hard rock song ..... please have a listen and see if it catches your groove

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ZankFrappa / Scott Lewis 24 days ago
Good to be here. Are there any drummers out there that use the Logic Pro X, Flex Time (slicing) feature to help adjust timing issues? I've been using it off and on for years but I'm interested in learning how some of you use it on your drum tracks. Typically, I lay down the drum tracks (six in my case), delete the un wanted transients for each part, turn on Flex (slicing) and then repair any timing issues. Using Quantizing to do this doesn't always give me positive results so I find myself mostly and painstakingly adjusting these timing issues ,manually. I have my kick and snare tracks with 'Q' enabled however I'm not exactly clear on how to match the other four tracks. Do I first, only quantize the snare and kick separately and then enable the Group for all tracks? Any information would be appreciated. Even just to learn how some of you go about it. Thanks!

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Redfish / Tony Gee 1mo+21dy ago
From a curious non-drummer - Can someone provide an analysis to this statement from Abe Labouriel https://youtu.be/HuVPJGHiL5s?t=1598 (starting at 26 mins 40 secs) "... a tendency with British players to play centre, to a little bit on top, time wise - like Phil Colins, Carl Palmer .......... compared with Jeff (who is Geoff/Jeff?) with a late back beat." I can understand what he is saying .... but can someone point it out in a particular song or some other way of experiencing this comparison?

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JarekA / Jarek A 1mo+29dy ago
A 'lil acoustic song idea that I'm throwing out there, hoping some one will pick it up. Not sure what will suit it best: drums or percs. Open for suggestions.

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Vladi / Vladimir Pavlenko 2mo+4dy ago
Hi guys, Would you like to add drums to this one? (There is also an attempt to match some visuals to it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mz8ZEjM_nW8)

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JenCarie / Jennifer Carie 2mo+28dy ago
Hey Drummers! :)) So, I LOVE these drums so much!! Chris helped me figure out the kick was on 6/8 time. I'm working on a song similar in structure and time and was just curious as to what you think of it and if you like this style of drumming. :))

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JustVera / Just Vera 4mo+8dy ago
Pure pop JustVera style... 'Slipsliding' needs about any instrument changed. My two-finger midi-programming shows the direction, but not more than that. Even Elizabeth Auzan's lyrics may be susceptible to changes. I know there are quite a lot of creative talented musicians around. How about your contribution to this tune?!

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Vladi / Vladimir Pavlenko 4mo+25dy ago
Hi guys, Looking forward to hear your ideas Cheers, Vladimir

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hollieolson / Hollie Olson 5 months ago
Question for drummers. I have new originals from my unplugged duo I play with locally, (before covid canceled all our gigs anyway) I play keys/key bass and my partner plays Cajon/percussions. I want to also do some fuller versions of the songs with guitars etc.. I would like to add drums but don't want to remove the Cajon as that would effectively remove her instrument from our project. How do drummers feel about playing around a Cajon beat? Is this a straight-up no as the "bass drum" of the cajon would conflict too much?

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