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Froz / Frederic Osuch 28 days ago
Hello brothers from a different mother. If you record drums and suffer from cymbals bleed to get a nice snare sound , this nifty trick could perhaps help you:

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ValShal / Alfonso PeNa 2mo+22dy ago
Hi! I'm working in a drum of my song and I'd like the sound of the snare was like the snare of the "all i need" of within temptation. Could someone tell me what kit for the snare is being used in this song and how could I get that sound? I'm close to getting it! I have compressed the snare to increase its sustain and eq to reach the tone. But I don't know what reverb should I use and how to configure it to get to this sound? but I notice that the hit of the original snare is slow and to this I am not getting it.

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dwfreak / Chris Bouchard 3mo+26dy ago
Always fun to watch a good drummer, this shows how far we can go ;-) Please enjoy and do not give up... Cheers. Chris.

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josemar1992 / Jose Maria Martinez 4 months ago
Hi everybody. My name is José María. Sorry i'm a newcomer

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billraydrums / Bill Ray 5mo+19dy ago
I livestream my drum practice sessions most every day at 4:30pm Seattle time (PST/PDT). There's a whole lotta falling flat on my face and humility all up in one place, LOL! Today we're touching upon a hellish book called "Rick's Licks" by Rick Gratton. Hellish in the respect that he gets you to phrase odd groupings of notes within even time signatures. "Over the bar line" sort of stuff. It's challenging and a lot of fun. Drop in and check it out!

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billraydrums / Bill Ray 5mo+27dy ago
Hi, Drummerata! I've become a bit more active here on Kompoz now that I have some free time in my world. :D Here's some of what I've got going on in a creative sense.

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B4dRandle / Bad Randle 6mo+16dy ago
Hello fellow drummers, I'm kinda new on here. It looks like a lot of fun, but where do I find the projects that need drums? Seems like every one I check out already has drum parts or is like 4 or 5 years old. I'm available for a project if anyone actually needs a real drummer.

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ChilePalmer / Chile Palmer 6mo+21dy ago
ok, i uploaded an MP3 for a guy and it's not showing as an idea nor a collaboration - what did i do wrong?

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shembensira / shem ben sira 6mo+21dy ago
hello humans :) im looking for a drummer who might want to start work together https://www.reverbnation.com/shem5

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GoYeah / Luc Goyer 7mo+26dy ago
I have placed 2 new song ideas Song 10 and 11 ... Everything is needed ! Merry Xmas and the best new year ever ! Luc

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