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AncaMihaela16 / Anca Mihaela 2yr+1mo ago
After two weeks of intense work, I am really happy with the results. A huge THANK YOU to all the artists involved in this project. I URGE YOU Written and recited by Anca Mihaela Bruma Starring Roberta Di Laura Musical background by: 1. Nigel Robinson - Scotland (United Kingdom): electric piano, strings and clock effects 2. Juan Jose Garcia - Madrid (Spain): drums 3. Francesco Mega - Grosseto (Italy): acoustic guitar 4. Joel Hall - Ferndale (WA United States of America): trumpet 5. Jan Kopcak) - Kosice (Slovakia): saxophone 6. Johnny Alich - Chișinău (Moldova Republic): tracks mix

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GagRevolver / Nathaniel Rad 2yr+3mo ago
I created this industrial type song for my new demo album of the same name. I'd like to see anyone's remix of this song and have the original .zip file upon request. It could also use new drums and mastering of the original arrangement. Im looking to make a separate album of credited artists remixes to this song. Thank you guys! I look forward to working with you!

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ArcaneOrchestra / Jeff Spring 4yr+7mo ago
I created a blank project template for Cubase 8.05 (the latest) for song writing on Kompoz. You will find it in the Files section of the Cubase group. The BPM is set to 120 in 4/4 and it has 2 bars of pre-roll before song starts for your custom sync tone. The template contains the following items. 1 Ruler Track - This track is set to seconds and sits right under the default ruler markers. 1 Marker Track - A marker track with 4 example markers 1 Folder Track - This Folder Track is called Song Data and it should be closed so open it to see the contents. The folder contains the following items. 1 Transpose track - Useful for trying out key changes 1 Signature track - stores time signature changes 1 Tempo track - stores tempo changes 1 Arranger track - contains 4 example song sections 1 Chord Track - contains 4 example chord changes in C Major 1 Instrument Track - This track uses a groove agent VST that's setup with some MIDI data to create a guide track to export time and tempo changes to other DAWs and/or create a custom sync tone for the project. This template should make it easier for Cubase 8 users to export a guide track for time and tempo to use in their Kompoz projects.

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ArcaneOrchestra / Jeff Spring 4yr+8mo ago
I'm looking for Vocals, Guitar,Bass, and Drums on this track

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Created February 7, 2015 by ArcaneOrchestra

One of the best reasons to collaborate on is to immerse yourself in "Remix Culture".

Do you like creating seed ideas that grow into strange and beautiful projects and are taken in directions that you never would have done on your own?

Would you like your amazing metal riff used in an epic hip hop track?

Do you want to know what your blues song sounds like as a dance track?

Do you want to see what 20 different singers each singing their version of your song sound like?

If so, this is the group for you.

Join in 4 easy steps.

1. Join this group

2. Create a project using the Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA license.

3. Allow spin-offs of your project.

4. Post your project here so others can find it.


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