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Dan69 / Danilo Iovino 1 day ago
It's a fast shuffle. I am looking for musicians who accept the challenge of building a good sound around!

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Redfish / Tony Gee 3 days ago
In search of LEAD GUITAR on this hard rock feast - see project brief for details. Get those sliky solo skills ready!

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Wymolee / lee wymer 12 days ago
Really enjoyed doing the guitar parts for this fabulous song and artists. Sharing as I don't know whether it will .ake the cut.

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WalterPaulOwen / Walter Paul Owen 1mo+12dy ago
I luv the tube amp bloom of power tubes. Can't get that with VST. I ordered one of these baby's off Ebay. See what happens.

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HCStudio / Hiram Cintron 1mo+18dy ago
Hello all. I'm looking for someone to play lead guitar on my collab. The song is called "Gates of Chaos". Credits: Pickasso - Rhythm Guitars

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KikoJeot / Federico Gregorini 2mo+14dy ago
Hello, i have played the guitar parts with the bass and I would like to replace them with a serious guitar :-) Anyone interested? Thank you. Federico

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MadameBlack / Meagan Mullins 2mo+19dy ago
Hello friends! Working on a song and I have a drummer interested in collaborating, but he's suggesting I work with a guitarist first (I'm thinking rhythm?) to help hash out the exact pacing of the song and more of it's feel. Anyone in the rock/metal genre interested in chatting? I've got some ideas but I'm no producer... just a singer/songwriter

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BrokenBString / Chris Matthews 2mo+25dy ago
Fingerpicking Ponies? Any of you picking folk got any experience of nail cream that originally formulated for horses hooves? Healthy Hoof is one of many brands.

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dUnEs / d UnEs 3mo+4dy ago
Clearly, this is an idea. A start. Anybody around who'd like to brainstorm with me? Drummers, bass players, guitarists perhaps? Writers? Singers?

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RJBSoundTravels / Ryan Baril 3mo+4dy ago
Any of you fine gui-tar enthusiasts ever hear of or by some wild chance did like I did and buy a completely Chinese made and branded telecaster off amazon? It's an ivy ITF-300 it's called, it was only $170ish CAD, so I bit on it (late night Amazon shopping) Its essentially a thinline Tele knock off... Anyone have any experience with these, good buy or am I going to have to tear this whole thing down and fix literally everything on it to a point were I should just cancel it asap? Thanks. Found some reviews, but you never know if they are bought and paid for... Looking to see if anyone has any non biased info on em.

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