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paranoia / Tsvetomir Ivanov 2 days ago
Ok... so I have played a lot of strings in my days. I started out with Staggs - Garbage.... I went through GHS, D'Adario, Elixir, Dunlop, some other bullshit brands and for an year now I have been playing Fender Bullets as I play a strat. Right now I am looking at a pack of Ernie Ball Slinky Cobalt and it seems like an instant marriage to me. I have to make some mods before I put them on but what do you think?

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JustVera / Just Vera 15 days ago
OK. 2019. Ready for some Pop? Might change some of the drums, bass and guitars. (And find a lyricist AND a singer). The structure is quite simple: verse 1-chorus1-verse 2-chorus2-bridge-chorus1-verse 3. All starting at 0:56. Seps and beds are all there. Are you in?

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Mare333 / Mare Gold 2mo+19dy ago
Hello everyone I am Mare. I just joined this site and it seems exactly what I was looking for. I write song lyrics and I am looking for a guitarist and vocalist who can create music and vocals for my lyrics. So far I created only 2 collaborations with my lyrics but I have much more. Please check out my collaborations it would mean so much to me. Nice meeting you all, Mare

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marshall2550 / Michael Roe 3mo+7dy ago
Check this out. I made this at least 26 years ago. Had to be before '92 when I met my wife. Was talking to a friend guitarist of mine and music theory came up. I told him, "I remember way back, I made this Theory/Mode rule thingy. I wish I had it today so I could show my wife who is learning guitar". My friend then tells me, "Oh, I have that thing. You gave it to me a long time ago". It's really faded and dirty so, I will make a new one. It was actually made from carboard of cigarette cartons :) I can't believe this thing survived that long!

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LyricistILIONNY / Diana Smith 3mo+21dy ago
I have a question as a lyricist to the guitar players. What's it mean when your band of choice seems to offer you a guitar? or point a guitar at you at the end of a performance you wrote?

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Mykk / Mykk Freeman 3mo+24dy ago
looking for a guitarist that can read music and/or tab for a concept album. may be a long-term project... progressive rock

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DirtyDirtyRice / steve rice 3mo+27dy ago
looking for help with this song. It just has the bass and drums. I'm leaving it bare so others musicians hopefully can put some instruments on top off it. I have a drumless mix in the files

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marshall2550 / Michael Roe 4mo+2dy ago
Some Inspiration for you guitar players.

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JoDyAnnRe / Jo Dy Ann Re 4mo+4dy ago
Hi, good day. I'm working in a hard rock/metal composition started by Shadow63. I composed all the instruments with vst's and I'm wondering if there is someone that can help me to record real guitars for this composition. It is also open to new ideas. Either way, thank you very much. P.S: For now, the voice is only temporary and an example of the melody. :)

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Jbolen / James Bolen 4mo+13dy ago
Needs awesome Blues Solo! Listen for more than 10 seconds please!

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