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GoYeah / Luc Goyer 10 days ago
A little something to get you guys started !

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lifeguardlloyd / Lloyd Plueschow 16 days ago
I have a 2012 MIA Fender Strat. I believe the bridge pickup is a HB Diamonback. I was thinking about swapping it out with a Dimarzio Super Distortion. Opinions?

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ramsinghelijah20 / Elijah Ramsingh 20 days ago
Hoping someone can do an acoustic guitar of D# but in 95 BPM. Help a brother out with something.

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katiria / Katiria Mar 22 days ago
Hi everyone! Looking for a guitarist for this project. Here is an idea but would really love to add more guitar throughout the song. The melody/lyrics can be changed if needed.

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PabloGabriel / Pablo Montenegro 22 days ago
hi all! a friend wants to buy a fender cd60 sce guitar, can anyone give any opinion on this instrument? Thanks a lot

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Reba1994 / Rebecca Gay 29 days ago
Hey there - Nightwish fan? Could use an awesome guitar solo on this tune!

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Macilias / Maciek Niemczyk 1mo+3dy ago
The last few years I was working on a Ableton Live set, that I can totally control with my feat and play along with a guitar. It took a while to find the right approach and lot of failures and headaches but also fun on the way, but I finally finished it right on spot and presented it to the public on my 40th birthday. If you are interested in the workflow and or the lessons learned just ask, otherwise please enjoy the premiere!

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xterrabill / Bill beamba fictitous 1mo+3dy ago
if anyone is interested in a good documentary about one of the most underestimated guitar players of the 70's, check out... "Chicago: The Terry Kath Experience" on axstv if you can, it even has a reference to Zappa for their start when forming CTA and tracks down his original telecaster. jimi said he was one of the best. anyway its been out since 2017 and I never seen it, maybe some of you have but I enjoyed it and thought some of you folks would also.

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rhythmicdevil / Steven Wright 1mo+5dy ago
Guitar players in this Opeth song called Bleak there is a high keening guitar line that has a ton of sustain on it. My thought was that it created using something like an E-bow. What are your thoughts on how it was done?

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GoYeah / Luc Goyer 1mo+8dy ago
Needs guitars ... please read dashboard !

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