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sriracha / Billy LeCoq-Mauvais 8 days ago
What is doubling and how should you do it? (read on in the post)

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sdaddyo / Don Stanton 14 days ago
Instructional video for rumba strum

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WalterPaulOwen / Walter Paul Owen 15 days ago
Dean Backwoods 6-String Banjo w/Pickup. I'm thinkin about gettin one of these. Anybody had experience with this? It's a Banjo, Geetar style. Thoughts?

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robbyguitar / robby walker 17 days ago
Learning to breathe take One

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carlmoneyhoney / Buck Stewart 18 days ago
Any mandolin players interested in this? "IF ONLY"

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paranoia / Tsvetomir Ivanov 25 days ago
My latest Strat build. The EMG has an EMG A/B Afterburner. Middle is China but its not bad for the money.

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Turbomaus / Alex Wilke 1mo+2dy ago
Does anyone use the Fishman Triple Play midi controller? Thoughts?

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JustVera / Just Vera 1mo+2dy ago
Guitar please... Looking back on 2019 team JustVera achieved the majority of its musical goals. Thanks to numerous talented Kompozers:-). However, some seeds didn't sprout yet. Some ideas probably just weren't strong enough. Back to the drawing board! Some probably got overlooked/overheard. Shit happens. But in my honest opinion 'Majestically' does deserve your attention. Please help me to reveal the full potential of this song with your rhythm/lead contribution to this project. You will, won't you?...

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rhythmicdevil / Steven Wright 1mo+4dy ago
Lately I have started recording with reamping in mind. I am wondering if you any of you might know an easier method than what I am doing. I use Cubase 10 but I suppose methods would similar across DAWs. I create two record tracks for each guitar track. One has direct input and no output. the other has processed input and output to a group buss. Whenever I record I have to enable both. The pain point is really on creating the tracks. I have tried creating track templates but they don't store the input and output buss assignments. Does anyone have a simpler method of recording for reamping, while also have a processed track?

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GoYeah / Luc Goyer 1mo+5dy ago
I have placed 2 new song ideas Song 10 and 11 ... Everything is needed ! Merry Xmas and the best new year ever ! Luc

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