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JustVera / Just Vera 5 days ago
It was about 5 years ago. I hadn't heard of Kompoz. And I was heavily frustrated about the fact that I couldn't find a singer to team up with. So I started singing myself... ( and even 'Birdsong'is one of the tracks that has always kept lingering in the back of my mind. And I'ld like to produce the 2017-version. Based on the good parts of the song and complemented with real instruments, vocals and possibly some new ideas. Are you in? Btw I'll be glad to up any sep or bedtrack you need. Just gimme a howl.

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MoodyMo / Micahel bin Yacoub 1mo+15dy ago
Good Day, Everyone: Please help me complete this piece. I suppose it could be classified as Pop-Funk but not certain. However; I would like an energetic solo added beginning at 02:55 through 03:37. If inspired to continue on to play around the vocals to the very end is also welcomed. Thank you for considering. Cheers!

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jannikgade / Jannik Gade 1mo+24dy ago
Hi guys and gals! I'm considering investing into an Avid Eleven rack for use as a effects processor and for tracking my guitars. I don't have an amp (my Mesa is many miles away) and just want something which sounds good on recordings and would let me practise with headphones. Does anyone have experience with this equipment? Cheers Jannik

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JustVera / Just Vera 1mo+26dy ago
For some reason this collab has been private for months. But now's the time to reveal the awesome solos by Jarek Adamowski. Enjoy 'Lost your Halo'...

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marshall2550 / Michael Roe 2mo+17dy ago
Any of you guys try one of these out??

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jannikgade / Jannik Gade 2mo+24dy ago
Hi guys! I'm new to kompoz and just wanted to say hi! I really am interested in the concept of musical collaborations so I'm looking forward to hearing and contributing to some great music! Here's a cover of Rosanna by Toto that I made some weeks ago, hope you enjoy!

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flowerpotexpt / Yash Gangopadhyay 3mo+22dy ago
GREETINGS GUITARISTS! This is my very first time on kompoz (it's a great website!) and this is my very song as well. I have crafted it dearly but as destiny demands, this song needs a killer guitar support. SOULFUL RIFFS. LIP SMACKIN' SOLOS. PSYCH TONES. You feel me yet ? It's a sincere request to the guitarists out there, please give this song a try ... please give some LIFE back to this music :') (my influence: Daft Punk and Infected Mushroom) NOTE: Guitar intro 0:29 - 1:19 Guitar melody 2:29 - 2:42 Guitar riff (mild) 3:11 - 3:45 Guitar riff (strong) 3:46 - 4:23 Guitar outro (mild) 5:08 - 5:41 Guitar outro (strong) 5:42 - end The above is just my take on what MIGHT add life back to the music but you are most welcome to ADD YOUR FLAVOUR wherever you want, however you want it :) Thank you people! Peace!

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JustVera / Just Vera 4mo+3dy ago
CALLING ALL GUITARISTS I just planted 4 entirely new JustVera seeds. And they need nursing... Please have a quick listen and when you feel inspired by any of the songs, just let me know. I'ld love to hear from you!

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robbyguitar / robby walker 4mo+4dy ago
fishing . trying to catch the big one .

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sdaddyo / Don Stanton 4mo+18dy ago
I just recorded this today.

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