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Redfish / Tony Gee 8 days ago
Vintage Marshall Head This is a little off topic for this group possibly ... I wanted to get some advice from those of you who may be in the know. I'm happy to remove this post if it is felt inappropriate. I rediscovered my Marshall 50W amp which I got second hand in the 70's (serial number S/11295) that has an original burgin connector. I have lost the original male burgin cable, so havent played it for 30 years. -Is it so that these connectors are no longer used? -Would it need to be refitted with a standard kettle lead? -Do you know if in doing this it may decrease its value? I would dearly like to play it again or pass it on to someone who would appreciate it. Any advice comments suggestions welcome


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sriracha   commented 8 days ago

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Redfish   commented 8 days ago

I think I need to check the insides and see if 'Rosemary' assembled it - thanks for the link Billy

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Redfish   commented 7 days ago

wow ... I just opened it up and checked it out I think it might have Jim Marshals signature on the TEST label (see new pic above) Hasnt seen the light of day for ca. 50 years

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sriracha   commented 7 days ago

wow - that's amazing, really.