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Rexhelm / W M 2mo+4dy ago
Creating an album for workout music (Metal Electro) and for bodybuilding posing routines. Looking for heavy metal guitarist to amplify the darkness in the songs. I have two songs released for this album. DM me a link of your guitar skills.


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phraser   commented 2mo+4dy ago

Is this on Kompoz as a Project?


Rexhelm   commented 2mo+4dy ago

What is power is not on Kompoz but "here we come" is on kompoz as a project although i finished it. I do have other ones I've started that i can upload to kompoz

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Treid   commented 2mo+4dy ago

It wasnt metal but I created a 5 rep max track not so long ago. It was 30-40 seconds of beat with 1 min break downs in between for rest. The breakdowns I built up using samples of Ronnie Colman quotes. Yeah Buddy! Lightweight!!! It also had a 10 seconds countdown to count in the reps. EDIT: I dont mean breakdown in the metal sense 0-0--0--0-0-0- just like chilled out sections where you could rest for 1 min. I few of my buddies from NJPW and CJBBF still use them for squats as the tempo I used worked best for them and they ask me for more but I was always just too busy to make them.


Rexhelm   commented 2mo+3dy ago

That's a great idea, normally I like the music to go hard while I'm resting, to keep my heart rate up but I'm not making this for me, but for others. Also, most of the time I skip the break down since I run out of ideas, so perhaps you could help me come up with one on this song "Never Again" (title can change). This is just a rough draft at the end we can add a break down. Drums are dubstep, if we can find a drummer, we could bring more life to this song.