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Alfvipe / Alfredo Vieira 7mo+23dy ago
Hello from Barcelona, We are forming an online music band, to start recording songs (pop / rock, alternative) from scratch. That's why I write to you, guitarists. If anyone is interested, we will talk! Project to make it professional. Thank you!!! Hola desde Barcelona, estamos formando una banda de música online, para empezar a grabar canciones (pop/rock, alternativo) desde cero. Por eso os escribo, guitarristas. Si alguien está interesado, lo hablamos!!! Proyecto para hacerlo profesional. Muchas gracias!!!


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luhthor   commented 6mo+23dy ago

Interested. I am pretty new to this website, but we surely can try it.


artvandalay   commented 6 months ago

i'm interested. Here is my page:

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phraser   commented 6 months ago

Always good to note new Kompozers :)