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marshall2550 / Michael Roe 6 hours ago
NGD!!!! Traded my PRS SE 245 and some cash for this today. 2019 Gibson Les Paul Classic.

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Sterling / Jean-Marc Tessier 5 days ago
I have a few electric guitars that won't stay in tune because of cheap tremelo bridge & springs that won't level out. I've followed several youtube videos on doing it with string heights, truss rod adjustments, etc. One solution would be to place a wooden wedge to bypass the floating bridge. Some of these solutions might change the tonality of the instrument. Any recommendations on a commercial product other that cutting a piece of wood... Thanks!

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NINJER71011 / NA NA 10 days ago
Right now I'm playing an acoustic and thinking of getting a metal electric. Any recommendations?

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AndreasSigl / Andreas Sigl 30 days ago
Hi Guys, i am based in Germany, and I am Selling a LAG Guitar, Made in France in the 90's Thin Line Collection Custom Made. Very stylish LAG guitar made in France Thin Line 90, with Seymour Duncan Humbucker, Sperzel mechanics, and so on. Built in the 90 's I received the guitar second hand. but do not need it follow the links for pics and details . I would ship with pre payment, also pay pal possible. Ask for details. Maple Neck Sperzel Mechanics Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Set Humbucker Mid boost/cut auf dem push/push poti Tremolo ABM Pics at the following Link: 990,- Euros negociable , new price was 3290,- Deutsch Mark Contacts for Germany: 0049- 17645787240 Regards, Andreas Sigl Pics at the following Link:

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marshall2550 / Michael Roe 2mo+17dy ago
Would you rock or not? Band members and even wife made fun of me for getting this guitar. I'll admit, wouldn't have been my first choice of finishes but dammm, she sounds and plays killer.

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Moonrunner / Mark Adams 2mo+25dy ago
Anybody on here have one of these?

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BrokenBString / Chris Matthews 4mo+25dy ago
Any of you acoustic players have tips for getting more power from a PZM mic stuck on the front of the guitar? I get a really good sound from that technique but the signal level is minuscule, even with high power batteries.

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paranoia / Tsvetomir Ivanov 7 months ago
Ok... so I have played a lot of strings in my days. I started out with Staggs - Garbage.... I went through GHS, D'Adario, Elixir, Dunlop, some other bullshit brands and for an year now I have been playing Fender Bullets as I play a strat. Right now I am looking at a pack of Ernie Ball Slinky Cobalt and it seems like an instant marriage to me. I have to make some mods before I put them on but what do you think?

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marshall2550 / Michael Roe 11mo+14dy ago
Just in case you were wondering if you should get a DSL...?.... Saw this on the Marshall forum.....too funny!

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marshall2550 / Michael Roe 11mo+27dy ago
Gear Porn! 1982 Peavey T-30 made in the USA, AKA, the "Mississippi Mustang". Got this on a trade deal today. One sweet little tiny ity bity guitar. It's a 23 1/2 " scale. Plays smooth as butter and those single coils are the hottest I have ever heard. Actually sounds and plays really good and is super fun to play. My wife says she wants to start learning guitar so this one will be perfect for her.

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