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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 6mo+9dy ago
Declining membership? .................. One can only guess with the formation of this group and the offer from Raf to pay for How-To videos that site membership and participation is declining. I can see it with my own eyes, as have others. I think the daily k-day posts are not helping. Hear me out: I know there was a poll and a majority that voted did so in favor of keeping the daily k-day posts from AR1NDunne. But way more than a majority of the profiles linked in those daily k-day posts from are abandoned (inactive) profiles. sure they are filtered to who actually did a collab, but if I were the site owner i might be wondering if those posts every day are a good advertisement for the site. I think its bad for business and the future of the site. I mean someone is congratulating people that abandoned the site. Its basically saying "the best days of kompoz are behind us, and those people left" (but didn't close their account) So as a new member, i would ask.... hmmm...why did they leave? Why do I want to join when I see links congratulating people that abandoned the site? Personally I wouldn't want to advertise that most people lose interest in the site...daily, on the community page. but maybe thats just me... Anyway, i wasted 5 minutes typing what i think is a constructive observation, that will fall on deaf ears. what a fool am I...

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JenCarie / Jennifer Carie 6mo+17dy ago
I know this vid will be cringe-worthy to many pros on here, haha. And it is still rough, but when I first started out I knew NOTHING about online recording or DAW's or sync tones or dry seps or even what an interface was and how to plug it in. To look at a DAW with tracks on it was like looking at NASA's flight plans. So I made a VERY BASIC flow for singes like me. I tried to stay in the mindset of what I would have wanted to watch. If they can do the basics, hopefully they will be encouraged enough to stay and then build on their skills by learning from all of you incredible artist! I suggested to Raf that from the FLOW videos, we could have popups to link to the more detailed videos that you all have made and that are wonderful.

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xterrabill / Bill beamba fictitous 6mo+17dy ago
Just a reminder to all interested, Kompoz already has some very well done tutorials, I think we should all review them before trying to make additional video's. Here are 2 fine examples ..... https://vimeo.com/4491331 https://vimeo.com/4540097 Btw... who did these? Brannon?

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xterrabill / Bill beamba fictitous 6mo+18dy ago
I doubt you want to use this, but I posted this in the "New Member Support Group" over 2 months ago. https://www.kompoz.com/music/group/449367/a/939583 sorry about the tone in my voice, was nursing a bad hangover at the time LOL

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Buttercup / Christine Linge 6mo+18dy ago
Hope this video might be helpful to newbies

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raf / Raf Fiol 6mo+19dy ago
Hello all, thank you for your interesting in help out with the HOW TO videos. Please check the Forums section for current discussions.

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Created September 16, 2019 by raf

The purpose of this group is to collaborate on the creation of HOW TO videos for Kompoz members.  The idea for these videos was inspired by a discussion related to new member retention and engagement.  Goals for the videos include:

  • Help new members understand how to create and manage a collaboration
  • Help new members understand how to contribute to an existing collaboration
  • Understand sync tones
  • Understand typical hardware requirements (audio interfaces)
  • Highlight best-practices for collaboration etiquette. 


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