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EricRos / Eric Rosenthal 2mo+4dy ago
Hello, I am looking for various keyboard sounds on this one. This is a loose guide track I jotted in midi. I am hoping for piano, pipe organ, chorus, and chimes on this if possible. Thanks.

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FLStudioNick / Nicholas Pev 3mo+11dy ago
Hi, I've found a really good piano course by Nicko Katoulas that I'm enjoying. Can you recommend a course/app/teaching method that really upped your musical game?

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DrummerDude / Luc Vanderdonckt 4mo+12dy ago
I am looking for some Hammond B3 for this new song - I Got Da' Blues. I have lyrics and a scratch track. I would appreciate your involvement.

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DTSUK / Dave Edwards 4mo+27dy ago
Is there a Manfred Mann in the house? Sixties style pop looking for keys!

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DTSUK / Dave Edwards 5mo+6dy ago
Hello all of you Ivory- tinklers! Looking for some help here on a melancholy Christmas song from the one and only Timothy Reid! Please take a listen! Merry Christmas!

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FRM79 / Efrem Filippi 6mo+20dy ago
Hi, need help to finish an instrumental song. Thanks to All! efrem

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KikoJeot / Federico Gregorini 7mo+17dy ago
I would like to add a keyboard / piano in this piece. Can someone help me? Thanks. Federico

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Dan69 / Danilo Iovino 8mo+3dy ago
It's a fast shuffle. I am looking for musicians who accept the challenge of building a good sound around!

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WaterRise / Arnaud Legrand 8mo+15dy ago
Hi ! Anyone want to do a mélodie piano on this track ?

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RJBSoundTravels / Ryan Baril 8mo+24dy ago
I got this vid of an old improve session, I liked were I was heading with it. It's pretty rough, needs work... I'm trying to convert this video to .wav so I can work on some ideas in Cakewalk. If anyone can point me in the right direction. Id also be interested to hear anyone's take on it if anyone's looking for something different. (Perfect task for you Moe if your reading this lol, if anyone can turn this rough improv session into a masterpiece it's you) it's a nice little piece.. has potential i think. (it wouldn't let me add the link the other way for some reason...)

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