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USAsongwriter / Daniel Lee Williams 1 day ago
Like many others around the country...I suddenly have found myself with some extra time available for working on music due to the pandemic. With that being said...what I would like to focus on is writing lyrics...and maybe even doing some vocals for piano oriented music such as this track written by myself unfortunately. Love the song...but I'm really not interested in the time consuming affair (for me anyway) of having to create music myself. I'd much rather spend that time doing what I do best...lyrics. If you are a kompozer with the ability to create...and arrange...piano music like what is heard on this track...and need assistance with the lyric and vocal melody side of things...I would love to hear from you. Those interested can simply PM me...and we'll go from there. Hope everyone is taking care of themselves and making the most of any free time on hand if they have it. Take care of one another and keep safe!

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athorne / Mr Thorne 5 days ago
Any vocalists or piano players interested in collaborating? If so, I have posted several project drafts which need vocals and instrumentals. Interested in creating professional/studio quality recordings.

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DexLoga / Dan Rosati 7 days ago
Looking for keys to join. Open to what you "feel". Best Regards, Dan R

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GoYeah / Luc Goyer 8 days ago
Project has been edited and ready for collabs from all ! Use only EDITED mix or seps !! Thanks to all !!! Stay home, save lives

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GoYeah / Luc Goyer 15 days ago
Project while quarantined Bursted this out starting last night Read dashboard please, no one refused Can we make something bigger than this monster ? I am trying with this .....

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RottGold / Rott Gold 1mo+15dy ago
Anyone interested in playing on the Latin jazz standard The Waters of March?

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RobAsh15 / Rob Ash 2mo+7dy ago
Okay, so it's an older song. Okay, so it's a cover. It's also a rockin' tune with a very cool keyboard track. I'd love to get someone to lay down a hand played track for this song to replace the one I made using a midi programmer and a simple synth plug-in in my DAW. Stems for bass, guitar, drums, click all available for download. Or, I can make any bed track you want, Just ask. Consider it really good practice. It will take chops to pull off a usable performance of the keys for this. Anybody here got those kind of skills anymore? Here's what we have so far:

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beethonin / Antonio Munoz 3mo+11dy ago
Hello everyone, I'm looking for a pianist for this song. Anyone cheer up?

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InterimWorshipBand / Joe Barsuglia 3mo+16dy ago
Santa: Looking for a jazzy piano player for Christmas I been a good boy!.

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GoYeah / Luc Goyer 3mo+17dy ago
I have placed 2 new song ideas Song 10 and 11 ... Everything is needed ! Merry Xmas and the best new year ever ! Luc

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