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RobAsh15 / Rob Ash 12 days ago
This is a song by Blue Oyster Cult. It's a creative cover with an original arrangement. If you are old enough for this band to register with you, you'll know about the history of this tune already. For those too young to remember, the first version of this song appeared as part of the motion picture soundtrack for an adult, fantasy, animated movie called "Heavy metal", released in 1981. The soundtrack was 90% songs by popular bands of the day, with most of the score coming from the heavy rock, heavy metal part of the musical spectrum. If this appeals to you, know that we are looking for a keyboard part that works with the existing music. The main thing about THAT is that the emphasis on carrying the melody has shifted away from keys to rhythm guitar. Listen to the original version here: then listen to our version and you'll hear it right off. However, we feel the keys can still be creative. They just need to support the rhythm guitars. The cost of royalties is too high to license this for sale, but contributors will have a very nice addition to their personal portfolios with this collaboration.

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hollieolson / Hollie Olson 17 days ago
I posted this in Sonar Users, but since not all use MIDI or play keyboards I am posting here as well. I use Sonar Artist. I have a Roland JunoDS that I have some sounds on I want to use as MIDI so I have it setup as an external sound generator and it is playing the MIDI notes with its patches. Along with the MIDI out/in of my Focusrite interface going to the Juno, I have an audio cable from the Juno to the input of the interface. Now my question: How do I bounce the MIDI track to turn my MIDI into Audio? When I do it the usual way, it tells me there is no sound with it. I added the audio input, and highlighted both the MIDI track and the audio track it is on. It doesn't give me the no sound error but just doesn't bounce any sound. Help? THANK YOU!!

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multidex / Steven Rowe 25 days ago
Anyone want to add anything?

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JustVera / Just Vera 1mo+2dy ago
I had hoped I could rebuild my miditrack from the bass up. Guess what? No response from the bassfront. It still isn't too late, but I'm opening up to ANYBODY now who feels inspired to create a Wonder-like jazz/funk/pop tune. All seps and bedtracks are up. Bassplayers, drummers, guitarists, harmonicaplayers, CLAVINET-PLAYERS, songwriters and vocalists: I'm all ears!-).

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ShannonB / Shannon Bannister 1mo+3dy ago
Hey. I'm joining not because I am a keyboardist, but because I'm always looking for one! Anybody feel like lending a hand on a bluesy little piece called "Like Rust"?

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beethonin / Antonio Munoz 1mo+5dy ago
Goodnight everyone. For many years I've been in this music but I've been disconnected for a while for reasons that are irrelevant. Now I try to take it up again from the side of producer and arranger but I notice that I'm not fluent and I think maybe I should take the time to play songs by other artists by ear. Do you think I am right and this would help me or on the contrary confuse me and in turn discourage me more?

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Mykk / Mykk Freeman 2mo+20dy ago
Curious to know. When you bend the note, how do you do it? what/how many semi-tones is your bend.?

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RobAsh15 / Rob Ash 2mo+23dy ago
I'm looking for free or low cost synth emulators to reproduce iconic keyboard sounds/tones from 80's and early 90's hard rock and metal tunes. Can be either free or low cost to purchase. I prefer to use presets as opposed to having to spend a lot of time trying to learn to manipulate of lot of confusing controls. I eventually learn to set up my own tones when I use a product often enough, but my health is not fantastic, and I prefer to spend what time I can set aside for music making tunes, not learning new programs. Even if a plug in has only one or two preset "voices" that are really useful, that's fine, as long as I can clearly make an association with the time era and style of music I want to make as soon as I listen to the preset. My guess is that all you guys/gals who rely on synth emulators and keyboards to make your music have a pretty good handle on what I am asking for. By the way... I tend to use midi to produce my keyboard tracks. I used an EZKeys baby grand piano preset and a midi editor to make the keys for my cover of Aldo Nova's "Fantasy". So being able to use midi to create a track with the emulators you suggest would be very helpful. Especially since I recently dumped my Yamaha keyboard. Any help welcome. Thanks tons in advance.

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ReggieB / Reggie Bouffard 2mo+25dy ago
does anyone use the VST by Pianoteq 6 ?

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Zaydex / Iden Chio 4mo+22dy ago
Need help with this track, I got such a great momentum building up to it with such energy, which I would love to keep but for the drop I can't seem to figure out what kind of chords I want to use to keep the happy feel good momentum i'm going for in the build up, I just need a concept to go off of, even if it's basic chords I can use them and then add a melody over top with the drums and bass, but it's I guess the chords which I am struggling with. Need help please and thank you. (Sorry the repost my track isn't showing for some reason)

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