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Snowxkitten / Heaven Snow 1mo+14dy ago
I am looking for a piano player to make a sad melody to a song that I am creating



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Afterdark   commented 1mo+14dy ago

Can I suggest and recommend moehoward Fantastic and bringing out emotions in melodies


Snowxkitten   commented 1mo+14dy ago

Okay thanks so much!!!


smg179   commented 1mo+14dy ago

heres my reccomendation if you like and heres an example for you ..

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RJBSoundTravels   commented 1mo+9dy ago

I was going to sudgest moehoward too, very talented pianist. You'll wait less time for ideas from him also Vs. Me... I'm having problems right now I can't figure out with either cakewalk or my piano. Cakewalk won't recognize it as a MiDi device all of a sudden. I'm having to draw out the piece I arranged note by note doesn't sound the same and takes for ever to do.

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BrendanB   commented 1mo+14dy ago

+1 Moe is great at this!