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Title VID 20210719 105926
File Name VID20210719105926.mp4
Type video/mp4
Size 64.90 MB
Uploaded By RJBSoundTravels
Uploaded 2mo+6dy ago
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RJBSoundTravels   commented 2mo+6dy ago

I seem to be lost in the backwoods of some sort of never used kompoze feature and mistakenly uploaded a random untitled video that APPARENTLY CANT BE DELETED, due to some form of glitch in the site.. lol good thing that ended up actually being a very suiting video of me just playing the piano and not some video of my old lady. Ehh, how awkward would that a been. Lol

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liljoe6string   commented 2mo+6dy ago

ok thats just weird.. i didnt know u could upload mp4's here.. Maybe thts a new feature of Kompoz 3 launching soon??? I know the last time when we went from K1 to K2.. they were trying some stuff live.. things got very funky!! And yes its a good thing u didnt upload something more delicate and non PG rating. *-*


RJBSoundTravels   commented 2mo+6dy ago

Ah, makes sense. I just noticed an other upload from 6 years ago it shows, maybe just no one uses the feature so no bugs got reported. 🤷