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hollieolson / Hollie Olson 19 days ago
Anyone here own a Dexible Keyboard? Looking at the Vivo S1. Everything about it seems perfect for my live band work that I do in town. I've just been wondering about the key action how weighted does it feel? I don't like plastic snythy keys. Thanks!

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Snowxkitten / Heaven Snow 1mo+9dy ago
I am looking for a piano player to make a sad melody to a song that I am creating

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Afterdark / Andrew Farrell 1mo+28dy ago
I also need help with ideas for this. Any ideas welcome. Using presonus studio one 5 and kontakt and reaktor

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Afterdark / Andrew Farrell 1mo+28dy ago
Help wanted with this please. It's created with a few vst's from native and the mighty korg Triton extreme. Any ideas welcome

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Redfish / Tony Gee 2mo+5dy ago
15/8 funk - in need of your funky keyboard skills !! There is a click track that you might find helpful for the meter Thanks - Red

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Afterdark / Andrew Farrell 2mo+28dy ago
Would anyone want to get involved in a 3 part piece as i seem to have come to a dead stop. any help or ideas would be great

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MonaLove / Mona Zwias 3mo+3dy ago
Dear, I invite you to collaborate with my song:

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Afterdark / Andrew Farrell 3mo+20dy ago
Any help or ideas would be welcome with this. Not sure what to do with it

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rwl6935 / Bob L 4mo+3dy ago
Looking for someone to write lyrics and/or sing on this collaboration. Also looking for Drums, Bass, Keys and Maybe an additional guitar. Jump in if interested. Details are on my project page.

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JustVera / Just Vera 4mo+10dy ago
Pianoplayers, bass players and drummers: YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS, CAN'T YOU?! (Also room for other instruments & vocals:-).

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