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Lawman / Jim Lawlor 1mo+9dy ago
Hey Raf, can you check to see if you are using the correct API for dropbox? Apparently as of 13 April, TLS 1.2 or greater is required for dropbox to work with KOMPOZ. Right now I can no longer use dropbox to download files. Dropbox has stated that Traffic using TLS 1.0 or 1.1 will be rejected. Here is the link: https://www.dropboxforum.com/t5/Dropbox-API-Support-Feedback/Reminder-The-Dropbox-API-will-no-longer-accept-TLS-1-0-or-1-1/td-p/582785

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Ratatoskr / Emilio Mayoral Rizzi 1mo+15dy ago
Suggestion for v3 A more streamlined "Collaboration manager" Ability to (opt in to) limit yourself to X amount of ongoing projects at a time. Any more added to this will be put in a queue. As you finish projects, items in the queue get moved up. I find myself saying yes to everything, and it'd be great for (sometimes) scatterbrained individuals, such as myself, to be able to organize and (very importantly) PRIORITIZE ongoing projects right on this platform without having to outsource to excel... which just increases the complexity of getting organized. Also, add a timeline chart to projects: "finish drums by mid september" ... "lyrics done by end september" so on, and ability to assign users to tasks. (coding nightmare, I know. Sorry... and I love you all)

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minime / minime c 1mo+23dy ago
An option to search for a Stomp Box Player by Shoe Size would be nice to have .

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Ratatoskr / Emilio Mayoral Rizzi 1mo+24dy ago
Curious: Why is DAW an option in the profile info if we can't even upload project files? No one should choose collaborators based on what DAW they use, it's not like the drummer, bassist, guitarist, singer, so on... will all mix everything together remotely... There's one mixing-tech. If they produce great results in Audacity, let them. Discussion topic: The DAW is irrelevant. It does not impart a sonic signature, it's just a workflow tool. The same way some people like wood-handled screwdrivers, some like rubber-grip, wratchett, so on... The screw is screwed in the same and usually into the musician's back and from the industry, but that's a story for another day, my friends. Thanks for your attention and join my collaborations as I don't care what tools you have as long as you're somewhat creative haha <3

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PaulM44 / Paul Muns 3mo+15dy ago
Regarding "Featured" A dilemma occurs with using Featured--- unless tracks are Featured, they will not be heard when someone clicks on the song's picture. So my adds to https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/1189702/file/1190239 and https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/1188832/file/1189256 will not be heard. Anyone clicking on those works will hear only the Featured track, with New Brazilian Thought being the initial track and will assume that the song is still are at the same place in development as it was initially, even though my adds were Accepted. This is particularly hard to explain to new Komposers (my example above is from a newby) but seems to be something overlooked by many older users as well and can be a real discouragement if being heard for your good works is important to you. I don't see an easy remedy for this since in some cases it might be intentional and I suspect that some of my adds were meant well as perhaps encouragement by Accepting the track but not really including it in the ongoing mix to be heard.

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RobAsh15 / Rob Ash 5 months ago
Ok, here's a suggestion for a fix: 1, Can we please fix it in private messages so that if you answer a message with two or three new posts, they fall in DESCENDING ORDER BY POST, instead of ASCENDING ORDER BY LATEST TIME STAMP...? It's confusing as hell if you think of something that needs to be added to a private convo (which is often about something to do with a project, let's face it) and the amendment appears in the message list ABOVE the preceding post! Seems like it would be an easy fix. Formatting of forums could be better all the way around. As long as we've all been at this K3 thing, I am sure the issues with the forums have been previously hashed. Conversations in public forums are some of the BEST sources for help on a topical basis, because you often get 5, 6...8,10 or more people talking about the same problem. So anything to help make forums and messaging easier to read, follow, use as a tool, etc., will be gratefully received.

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EllenDXY / Ellen - 5mo+2dy ago
So another suggestion; if the creator of a project features an uploaded idea (of someone besides him-/herself) I think it should automatically be accepted and the person who uploaded the now featured idea then becomes a member of the project. But this my logic, perhaps there are other opinions about this. Please share...?!

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Lawman / Jim Lawlor 5mo+14dy ago
Hey Raf, Just checking in to see when K3.0 will be implemented. No rush but I remember mention of a timeframe of around December. Just want to know when I can expect to see the new look. Thanks! Jim

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WillaWay / WillaWay Studio 5mo+25dy ago
Two suggestions for K3. 1. I believe that if a comment is edited then it's should be automatically labeled so. I've seen it on other platforms. I don't know the difficulty of the task. 2. If a person deactivates their account and reactivates spontaneously there is no way of blocking said account unless you so happen to get lucky enough to click their profile during the instant it's open. I think this is a flaw, as it gives users the opportunity to harass other users while denying them the ability to block.

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PaulM44 / Paul Muns 6mo+16dy ago
https://www.kompoz.com/music/blog/677328 .... I see you were planning on implementing TXT and similar files (5 years ago). I love the idea of being able to trade MIDI and MusicXML files as well. These would save a ton of server space for several uses.

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