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JeffLearman / Jeff Learman 6 days ago
On the Files page, there should be a "comments" icon next to tracks that have comments, so we don't have to click Details to see whether there are any comments for a given track.

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JeffLearman / Jeff Learman 6 days ago
We should be able to hit space bar to pause/play for the built-in players. Likewise, right- and left-arrow for skip ahead/backwards a bit.

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JeffLearman / Jeff Learman 6 days ago
The thumbs-up icon shouldn't turn into a thumbs-down icon when it's clicked. Instead it should get a circle or other obvious highlight. I hate seeing tracks I love with a thumbs-down icon on them!

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Ratatoskr / Emilio M R 6 days ago
Idea: PROGRESS TRACKER There's good reason why most bands do this, it's so much easier than going through the Files tab of the project. A check list will massively help visualize progress. Plus, a % meter of "checklist items done" as you hover over a session would be great. Love you guys and everything you do, stay safe \m/

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VocalRun / Vocal Run 13 days ago
has anybody mentioned the dating on the tracks. Where are the upload dates? If you don't have any comments to track the time, then the only way I can see of tracking when a track was put up is there with the upload and it resets whenever you put a new mix feature up on a separate track.

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PabloGabriel / Pablo Montenegro 18 days ago
Today I went for a 3 hour walk and on the way home I thought of an idea. Why not: add new types of collaborations? a) multimedia collaborator. b) broadcast and press collaborator. There is no need to explain it. Only this feature aims to take so many great songs beyond the achievement that we are achieving right now. Perhaps to reach some agreement with some academy of marketing-social communication-etc. Possibly you can search for a new figure for a kind of roll game, a hobby game but true. Maybe this is what we are missing here in this new evolution for social networks. Maybe ... I can think of something a little crazier. Maybe I would think of some kind of interaction in the point below with some kind of 3d characters. (A lot of job, no ?, I promise not and ingested toxic things along the way haha) Another important point: K-town is a maze ... only with the permanence of someone new can you understand the true dimensions of this place, and many others will never understand it. Therefore, I would like a restricted section for collaborators and another section for access to "all public" for which a kind of great showcase must be prepared, the objective is to achieve followers and buyers. Just some ideas to develop. do not forget the inclusion of cryptocurrencies in the system .-

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Desirsar / Alexa Danielson 19 days ago
I'm not even going to be creative with mine, just repeat something that's been asked for for years now. Add a filter so I can search for collabs without seeing projects with an accepted track on the instrument I choose. It's not worth my time to work on something that probably won't be considered at all, never mind accepted.

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mwtzzz / Michael Martinez 20 days ago
I'd like to suggest to your operations team (sysadmin/IT) to horizontal scale out the backend more. Uploads have been slow since Covid started. There's probably a lot more activity on the site since people are staying at home. The backend probably needs more capacity. Thanks!

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Maja / Delphine Maja Benedicte Andre 25 days ago
Hi, I just wrote this, sorry if the different points have already been discussed. If they have, disregard them. It is not for me to discuss them, it is to give ideas. I have not renewed my subscription to Kompoz for several reasons: - I find the site unpratical when we do large amounts of songs (we need chronological order when looking at our own studio; dates listed at each submission on a project. - I don't need EVERYONE I follow's notifications, if I could just have mine and those of the projects I joined or created, that would be fantastic! :) - I would still like have the Creative Commons option - Soundblend is unknown to the public so we have zero sales - sometimes we have to compete on a song and submit ideas quickly when we hall in love with a collab. It ends up being the one who submits first who gets the song, while you have been working for ages on it! Frustrating! - people just leave the site and never come back, and you sometimes put work into a song and find out later it will just go trash - ETC ETC

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raf / Raf Fiol 29 days ago
Hey guys, I know that it has been a while since i posted an update. I've been offline for a while but will jump back on this soon. Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Rock on.

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