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raf / Raf Fiol 6 days ago
I am sorry to report that we have not made much progress on Kompoz 3.0 during the last 6 months. I can blame it on COVID-19, but that would only be a small part of the story. Truthfully, I've just been preoccupied with other ventures. I started a non-profit business to honor a very close friend who I lost last May, and I also started a deep-dive into making telescopes (so random). During that time, though, I've been thinking a lot about Kompoz 3, and I am ready to get back to work. But I've decided to pivot on the direction. Initially I was working towards a complete re-write of the Kompoz platform -- from the database, to the middleware, all the way up to the user-interface. I was pretty close to completing that work but then hit a wall. The migration of existing projects to the new platform was turning out to be extremely difficult and fraught with bugs. Some data elements simply would not translate, and I think that would have lead to member frustration. So, I'm taking a more conservative approach. I've decided to keep the underlying database, and I'll focus on a new middleware and front-end. Much of what I have already demo'd (via the videos in this gallery) will still apply (new audio player, etc). I just means this will take a bit longer than expected. I'll post more regarding the timeline as I get into it. I hope everyone is well, safe, and happy. I am hopeful that 2021 will be a good year. I see it as the year to rebuild -- Kompoz, ourselves, this government (my country, specifically), and to end this pandemic.

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billraydrums / Bill Ray 14 days ago
OK, so my drum tracks are like "bedrock" for others to build upon. I can foresee a bunch of things coming from these, so every project I have listed stands a chance of becoming a convoluted mess. Is there a way for projects such as mine (and any other drummer or "bedrock" instrument) to have a way to automatically "spin off" from the original? Does that make any sense? Maybe I am not using the service properly.

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billraydrums / Bill Ray 17 days ago
I don't know if this has been suggested but... Say there's an instrument, oh... like a drumkit, that has multiple stem files; When I scroll down my file list there's 11 separate drum files. Is there a way to maybe concatenate all those files into one master heading like a "stem collection"?

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MHBY / M H 26 days ago
One that sprung to mind, as a returner to the site, it would be useful if I could see, easily, what myself and another member had worked on together over the years.

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cunninglinguist / Mark Ford 29 days ago
As a new user, I found the site a bit bewildering at first. I would have expected the help centre to be at the top of the screen. When first faced with any new Web page, I would usually hope to find some clue as to what to do next without scrolling the screen. Putting the help centre at the foot of the page is counter intuitive. The help centre is actually quite good when you find it although it seems to have some links which I have only found there, eg:- Most liked collaborations. Cheers Mark

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Irockus / Irockus Rhodes 1mo+15dy ago
Have you ever looked at ohmstudio ? Unfortunately it will be shutting down soon, but it sure leaves a large opportunity for a large music collaboration vendor such as yourself. The collaborative real time multi-user cloud daw experience in ohmstudio is truly second to none. Hoping to see this functionality in Kompoz or elsewhere in the future.

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Lawman / Jim Lawlor 1mo+18dy ago
Hey Raf, just wanted to see if you could give an update as to when we can expect to see 3.0 go live? Thanks!

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ChrystalKafka / Chrystal Kafka 2mo+3dy ago
Raf, this a stupid one but... whenever I listen to Kompoz on an iPhone, the song cuts off after about 45 seconds and the phone goes to some other song in iTunes or dormant or both. Repeatedly. It won't stop. Very frustrating. Doesn't happen using any other app or website. Am I the only one with this problem? Is it an iPhone thing or a Kompoz thing? Thanks

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telescope01 / Stephanie Fischer 2mo+18dy ago
Please cut down on the amount of email notifications members get. We should be able to unsub from getting all posts in a group, etc.

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PabloGabriel / Pablo Montenegro 3mo+10dy ago
Hi Raf, can I write to you privately? it's for my pro subscription. I sent a ticket to technical support a few days ago and I don't get a response . Thks

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