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EarlGray / Earl Grey 16 days ago
I would like to see a new player that would put the song currently playing in a frame at the bottom of the page so that when you clicked on something the song would still continue. And if you could put links in that player to go to the page the song is on.

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jannik / ' Jannik ' 1mo+16dy ago
Two bugs that might be known: 1. Don't send notifications from people you follow when they add to a private collaboration. Just got a new discussion notification on from a private collab that I don't have access to. 2. The right cursor on the stats page defaults to a wrong/undefined number instead of the current date. One has to drag it to the right to make the stats visible. :)

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iphone9 / Gretsch Maple 2mo+2dy ago
In Kompoz 1.0 we got bpm info with the track we downloaded, and a link back to the project, with 2.0 i have to go back to dashboard of the project everytime to get tempo. Also, the standard sync tone should be a one bar click count at tempo of the track, not a shrill 'tone'.

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dubrae / Mark Brae 2mo+6dy ago
Advanced search brings up completed projects, not interested in those as cannot contribute anything. Would be nice to include spin off enabled projects specifically in the search options, means the collaborator is open minded for completely new ideas which is awesome and I love all those people

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ZippyKid / Ruslan Troknyuk 2mo+8dy ago
add integration with soundrop dot com to publish releases

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ChrystalKafka / Chrystal Kafka 2mo+9dy ago
I just heard from another former Kompozer who still gets messages, wants to come back, but can?t revive the old account or get a response. Is this a thing Raf can change or is there a way back we don?t know about? Thanks for your input.

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dubrae / Mark Brae 2mo+9dy ago
I'd like the ability to order my collabarations into folders to organise myself a little bit better. Not sure if that's easy to achieve or not. If it's not straight forward then I'll just crack on as I was and be perfectly happy still 8-]

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Calderon / Ambrose Newton 2mo+9dy ago
Reviewing new collaborations. An easy way to go back after drilling down into new collaborations? You might be on page 4 of listening to latest collabs and drill down into one. When you exit back out suddenly you are back at page 1. Which means you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to get to the Next button, then scroll to the bottom of page 2, then scroll to the bottom of page 3 just so you can get back to where you were before you hit the back button on the browser. Maybe this is something that browsers can't handle? But at least have a 1/2/3/Next at the top of each page instead of at the bottom.

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sriracha / Billy LeCoq-Mauvais 2mo+17dy ago
While I understand things are on hold, I'd like to propose this idea. I think someone else had a comment about notifications. I'd love to see the alarm bell dropdown change to do this: show the types of alarms hierarchically, e.g.: Notifications ============= Song ABC - notification 1 - notification 2 Song BDG - notification 1 - notification 2 General - notification 1 - notification 2 - notification 3 Group1 - notification 1 - notification 2 Group2 - notification 1 - notification 2 etc. with a X checkbox next to each first level grouping which when clicked, would remove those notifications from the list. This would make cleanup of the notifications so much more useful and would also help keep the notifications more relevant in regards to keeping some around longer than others.

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raf / Raf Fiol 3mo+4dy ago
I am sorry to report that we have not made much progress on Kompoz 3.0 during the last 6 months. I can blame it on COVID-19, but that would only be a small part of the story. Truthfully, I've just been preoccupied with other ventures. I started a non-profit business to honor a very close friend who I lost last May, and I also started a deep-dive into making telescopes (so random). During that time, though, I've been thinking a lot about Kompoz 3, and I am ready to get back to work. But I've decided to pivot on the direction. Initially I was working towards a complete re-write of the Kompoz platform -- from the database, to the middleware, all the way up to the user-interface. I was pretty close to completing that work but then hit a wall. The migration of existing projects to the new platform was turning out to be extremely difficult and fraught with bugs. Some data elements simply would not translate, and I think that would have lead to member frustration. So, I'm taking a more conservative approach. I've decided to keep the underlying database, and I'll focus on a new middleware and front-end. Much of what I have already demo'd (via the videos in this gallery) will still apply (new audio player, etc). I just means this will take a bit longer than expected. I'll post more regarding the timeline as I get into it. I hope everyone is well, safe, and happy. I am hopeful that 2021 will be a good year. I see it as the year to rebuild -- Kompoz, ourselves, this government (my country, specifically), and to end this pandemic.

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