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LeRoc / Bert Smit 2 days ago
I know this is a small thing, but I really like how international Kompoz is becoming, and how many songs in French, Spanish, Portuguese ... we are now writing (I'm hoping for Chinese, Arabic, Swahili ... as well!) What would really help is if we could use more accented characters in song names, and perhaps also in our user names. I just wrote a song called Sólo un Minuto, but on Kompoz it has the title Solo un Minuto because it doesn't accept the accent. We have a user whose real name is Yvan Nuñez but on Kompoz he is called Yvan Nunez because the system won't accept the tilde. Chinese or Arabic characters would perhaps be a bridge too far, but I would appreciate it if on Kompoz we could use accented Western characters.

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raf / Raf Fiol 5 days ago
Just posted...

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DrumTorque / Pepino Lorenzo 6 days ago
Hi all, I don´t know if somebody talks about to can name several tracks at a time when loading is repeated the same instrument , specially drums and percussion. Thanks.

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Breathtax / Ben _ 7 days ago
a central place (even just an extra tab on the community page) where mixes can be listened to and waveform viewed for feedback from a mix or technical perspective..engineers might be able to offer help to people who'd like help.

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raf / Raf Fiol 9 days ago
I've been working on a redesign of the User Profile page. New video coming in the next couple of days .

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RobAsh15 / Rob Ash 10 days ago
I've been making an effort to take the edge off my posts and comments around here for a while. So I mean it when I say that I offer the following with only the best intentions. I don't know if suggestions for 3.0 are still being considered or not. Kompoz has become, for me, the primary source of both creative collaboration partners and projects to work on. Both my projects, and occasionally, those of others. Without a doubt, Kompoz is my go-to source for these things. But, other than the songs I offer for sale on SoundBlend, I use other sites to showcase my portfolio of finished work. Namely, I rely heavily on SoundCloud as a place to warehouse my portfolio, and show my best work. I don't consider that site to be in competition with Kompoz. The two sites offer totally different services. And if I have a song that is ready for sale that I built here, even just in part, I offer it on SoundBlend. But, it would be nice to have a place to list a couple of external links on here. You know... the usual suspects, like FB, Google, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc., plus a couple of custom slots, maybe. For my part, I'd probably link to my youtube page, and to my SoundCloud page. That way if anyone's interested, they can jump right to my best stuff, and find it all in one place, presented in exactly the form and fashion I prefer. SoundBlend could be a permanent link at the top of any such list or section. The idea would not be to create a conflict of interest in any way. I suggest this because I see Kompoz as a place to create (and sell) music. Not necessarily a place to showcase an artist's omnibus of work, at least not primarily. If this idea is not acceptable, please feel free to ignore it. I'm not trying to start any trouble.

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Nimrod / J W 16 days ago
It would be nice to add back the Public Domain, I just realized it was gone, uploading some samples that any one can use. Also upgrade the Copyright Statement, that this is not a legal copyright it's misleading as discussed in a recent tread, To make it binding you have to purchase a copy right to get all protection kind of like the Cover thingy it only needs a Mechanical license if it's never been copyrighted or expired never filed you don't need one.

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LooknGlass / James Tanner 19 days ago
I have always missed the scrolling real time activity feed from Kompoz 1.0. Where you could see what people were doing as they were doing it. It made it easy to see who was online at that second and what they were liking or posting on. It caused me to interact more and check out what was just being liked by my fav Kompozer.

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oneheadedman / Andras Toth 22 days ago
**tl;dr**: there way too many notifications and there is a huge noise-to-signal ratio; if you want to see if anyone reacted to your posts, or collaboration then you have to go through a lot of unhelpful notifications. Check this example: > xyz liked the group Sound Engineering & Recording Hope it's not too late to toss in some UX idea regarding _notifications_. Since I joined a couple of communities and groups I get notifications about every comment in every one of them. I think it could be fairly a quick win to have the ability to filter them: - I wish to see comments on my own collaborations/posts in groups - I wish to filter collaborations/posts created by the people I follow - maybe tag the notifications with the name of the group they appeared in If you convert some parts of the application into open source I can even make you a PR on github :). Thank you for improving the site!

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Redfish / Tony Gee 23 days ago
It would be great if there was a feature where you could easily check how many of your own private and public collaborations you have left from your allowance in your remaining subscription period. It would help in managing personal projects without getting nasty surprises [no public collaborations left for the next three months for example] Maybe there is already a way to do this ... but I haven't worked that out yet.

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