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leesharp / Lee Sharp 9mo+23dy ago
An applause button with 2 hands clapping rather than a like button. More appropriate and a little different. Maybe a wowzers! button for those that get blown away by a tune. The ability to upload photos so people can see other peoples gear and studios. Repeat function on player for whole song and the ability for selecting a zone like a verse or chorus so you can come up with ideas in the garden of car on the way to work. Especially handy for vocalists. 2 charts based on likes and wowzers. One for experienced kompozers and one for newcomers to inspire them. Base it on the project owners' joining date. Live jam session by video. Not sure if that is even possible. I'll keep having a think.


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ecopunk   commented 9mo+23dy ago

Yeah, I used to really like being able to see what other people were liking. Charts have been part of music for a long time. You don't have to like them or pay attention to them, but I would support Lee's suggestion of charts. And not just because I am his mate...