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raf / Raf Fiol 2mo+2dy ago
Hey all, I just posted a new video in the Gallery. Track Markers, Filters, Dark Mode


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RottGold   commented 2mo+2dy ago

You develop at light speed. Make sure you get up from your chair and stretch once in a while :) Site is looking great. I am wondering if you can also use a very similar approach to search artists using filters that you add or remove. I know one thing that can happen is a user can list four talents, maybe the last talent is vocals, however they really do not sing. Maybe a user can weight their talents or you can factor in what a user gets endorsed for into the filter to help you find an active artist who sings, is current and prefers rockabilly. (sorry jumping ahead here you are not working on that section - but seeing this brought the idea).

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Teek   commented 2mo+2dy ago

Thx Raf , I love the loop function , atm I would just keep clicking my mouse on the section I wanted to repeat , when writing lyrics . and I love the fact you can move the box along to a new spot , :-)

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PaulM44   commented 2mo+2dy ago

With the Comment option, perhaps a marked section could be used as a notification for an invited artist to add to that section. I am thinking of the little comment bubbles with the invited artist's logo under the section similar to SoundCloud?

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FingerFolkie   commented 2mo+2dy ago

Hmmm. I see a "guitar" instrument category, but I don' see electric guitar.

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WillaWay   commented 2mo+2dy ago

Great work all around! I'm especially excited about the dark mode feature:) Thank you and good luck!

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liljoe6string   commented 2mo+2dy ago

OMG my dream loop!! You were listening!

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rhythmicdevil   commented 2 months ago

I am really excited about this feature.

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DocDaFunk   commented 1mo+29dy ago

Yea lot of great new stuffs

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promusicmedia   commented 1mo+28dy ago

Looks great!