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Breathtax / Ben _ 1mo+7dy ago
a central place (even just an extra tab on the community page) where mixes can be listened to and waveform viewed for feedback from a mix or technical perspective..engineers might be able to offer help to people who'd like help.



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raf   commented 1mo+5dy ago

This is a good idea. Gerry has discussed this same model. He outlined a system where people could request feedback (perhaps anonymously) across multiple cross-cutting dimensions (e.g., Melody, Composition, Production, Mastering, etc).

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EdsonCastro   commented 1mo+4dy ago

Raf, Maybe a button that makes it easier to follow my messages in groups, separating our posts from the others posted?

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Nimrod   commented 1mo+4dy ago

Music Channels /Genre Tabs when we create a collaboration you have to select a Channel, you should not have to go over 10 rock post to find Country and vice versa same with other Genre, they can all post to #Community Main General but a filter could be used I.E #Rock